Stark County real estate transfers Aug. 27-Sept. 2 – Canton Repository

Allen Saprina A Ttee from Towd Point Mortgage Trust 2017-1, 141 W Market St, $39,500. 
Blackburn Kayle from Krieg Celena N & Dale A, 251 W Summit St, $117,500. 
Cooper Brady R from Holibaugh Daniel R Trustee of the Daniel, 59 E Cambridge St, $16,200. 
Cot Pizza Re LLC from Ror LLC & Szambeckillc, 2200 W State St, $1,358,591. 
Cully Douglas & Kimberly from Miller Daniel D, 1015 Cornell Dr, $130,000. 
Dennis Terry L & Sara D from Buth, Jeffrey M, 1185 Glenwood Dr, $189,900. 
Ganni Jason & Amy from Mcconnell Michael H, 2149 Blenheim Ave, $81,712. 
Hill Darren & Kara from Graves Robyn R, 734 E College St, $45,000. 
Mcnamara Joseph E & Christy S from Domino Susan M, 1205 Spring Ridge Cir, $219,000. 
Progression Zone Homes LLC from Mccalla Marketing Inc, 237 S Lincoln Ave, $45,000. 
Progression Zone Homes LLC from Mccalla Marketing Inc, 238 W Washington St, $45,000. 
Saunders William E & Judith E from Moulin Shirley A, 1290 Spring Ridge Cir, $255,000. 
Shane Wagler Properties LLC from Venables Helen Theresa Trustee, 1370 S Freedom Ave, $60,500. 
Cecil Kathleen J & Karen M from Maksim Yvonne M, 226 C St Nav Vil, $73,200. 
Gibbs Adam & Joelle from Lamp Rodney & Christina, parcel 1100646 Mombasa Ave, $5,900. 
Amd Property Company LLC from Schalmo Properties Inc, parcel 10009472 Portage St NW, $316,515. 
Campbell Jordan A from Wilson Kristine E & France Joye J, 440 High St SE, $160,000. 
Hayes Kevin W & Julie K from Prestige Worldwide Re LLC, 448 Gloria Cir, $224,900. 
Mayle Nicole from Balding James R & Rita Ferrara, 764 Beverly Ave, $141,900. 
Meyers Michael D & Lauren from Holderbaum Beth S, parcel 9502489 Cherry St W, $47,000. 
Wyman’s Wentals Ltd from Browne Dennis D, 118 N Canal St, $225,000. 
Alvarez Joy from Harris Marcus D & Moore Jenika L, 131 Roslyn Ave NW, $148,000. 
Ando Chiharu & Quinn Richard Harold Ttee from Horak John, 1001 7th St NW, $63,000. 
Baum Plumbing LLC from Armstrong Mark & Debra L, 1012 Tuscarawas St W, $220,000. 
Baum Plumbing LLC from Baum Plumbing & Heating Co, 1259 Ardmore Ave SW, $80,000. 
Becks Brix LLC from Integrity’s Legacy Holding Makirra LLC, 338 18th St NW, $81,000. 
Benko Matthew G from Clark James R & Michelle A, 1210 17th St NW, $94,000. 
Blue Stone Capital Ltd from Bonner Theresa A Etal, parcel 235072 Arlington Ave SW, $15,000. 
Bowling Scott & Jeanie from Repace James A & Barbara A Co-Trustees, 4200 2nd St NW, $115,000. 
Broderick Street Homes LLC from Jackson Amanda, 1311 17th St NW, $110,001. 
Burlingame Amiee & Jacklynn from Mick Roger, 435 Elgin Ave NW, $28,800. 
Caley Karen from Conley Steven M & Kay R, 2627 2nd St NW, $63,000. 
Cantrell Jamie from Coblentz Properties LLC, 1315 8th St NW, $65,000. 
CMJS Creativ Ltd from DCLB Corp, 236 Walnut Ave NE, $100,000. 
Confident Investment Group LLC from Innovative Home Investments LLC & Good D, 1238 Logan Ave NW, $165,000. 
Confident Investment Group LLC from Innovative Home Investments LLC & Good D, 1315 Logan Ave NW, $165,000. 
Coy Jimmy E Jr from Dynamic Recovery LLC, 801 Ryan CT NE, $25,000. 
Coy Jimmy E Jr from Dynamic Recovery LLC, parcel 226378 Lutz PL NE, $25,000. 
Dubose Valerie from Lre LLC, 347 18th St NW, $159,000. 
Genetin Brandon J from Dreger Kyle Q & Emily R, 4908 Woodside Ave NW, $231,000. 
Hilbish Jeremy from SMB Investments LLC, 1827 Sandwith Ave SW, $74,500. 
Hudson John K & Kenyah A from Rosenberry John R, 1713 Bank PL SW, $40,150. 
Hulme Elva Colllier Estate from Lefranc Adam J & Rachel J, 301 23rd St NW, $242,300. 
Huntington National Bank from Martino Etal, 2426 Nicholas PL NW, $74,282. 
Huth Gretchen Ann from Paxos-Morgan Despina C Trustee/ of the D, 1524 Harvard Ave NW, $159,900. 
Huth Gretchen Ann from Paxos-Morgan Despina C Trustee/ of the D, parcel 210812 Carmen CT NW, $159,900. 
Inestroza Fuentes Eddy D & Quintero from Gravue Mary Ann, 1038 Dueber Ave SW, $55,000. 
Jackson Robert J from Strategic Real Estate Inc, 430 Hazlett Ave NW, $73,500. 
Keitch Cynthia L & David W from Mchenry Scott J & Hilary Ann, 4640 Helmsworth Dr NE, $390,000. 
Kimbrough Rodney from Billings Jennifer A, 1435 Allen Ave SE, $19,000. 
Kimbrough Rodney from Billings Jennifer A, parcel 242471 Housel Ave SE, $19,000. 
Loyd Bruce S & Howell-Loyd Ruby M from Mcmichael Ryan A, 1406 Mcgregor Ave NW, $62,000. 
Moore Horace & Tandra from Reiter Beverly L, 1006 21st St NE, $90,000. 
Mullet Nicholas A & Buzzard Hayley I from Miklus Michelle, 1242 Shadyside Ave SW, $55,000. 
Mutigli Natasha M from Mccoury Terrah R, 314 Millview PL SW, $79,275. 
Premier Homes Inc from Infinite Real Estate Solutions, 1663 Rowland Ave NE, $21,739. 
Premier Homes Inc from Verbeck Kathryn A Trustee, 110 Clarendon Ave NW, $43,000. 
Rawley Christian James & Evelsizer Hope from Dayton Aurora, 915 27th St NE, $115,000. 
Settles Eldridge A & Spencer Dwayne K from Lilly Dorothy A, 1915 4th St NE, $20,000. 
Settles Eldridge A & Spencer Dwayne K from Lilly Dorothy A, parcel 10004079 5th St NE, $20,000. 
Sprankle Savannah M & Karen K from Green Bryan S & Taylor E, 1428 34th St NW, $149,900. 
Stang Sally A from Vince Victoria R, parcel 234909 Gibbs Ave NE, $1,000. 
Tucke Matthew J & Stacey from Mills Laura L Tte of the Thomas W, 1243 Homewood Ave SW, $83,000. 
Vasquez Jose Alfredo Villatoro & Cruz from Stroia George, 1705 Market Ave S, $14,000. 
Vince David J from Stang Sally A, parcel 234909 Gibbs Ave NE, $1,000. 
Wong Samantha L from Nagy William M Aka William Michael, 4117 Norman Ave NW, $160,000. 
Goodnight Mark J Jr from Goodnight Kathy A, 3212 10th St NW, $125,000. 
Howes Moriah & D’antonio Anthony D from Ady Christopher & Shackle Stacie, 3048 16th St NW, $128,000. 
Sanner Tabellion Laura & Theodore from Kopache Kristie, 153 46th St SW, $126,000. 
Shrake Amanda J from Edwards Deborah Marie, 3016 Sherr Ave SE, $180,000. 
Thomas Michelle A from Agnes David L and Jean T, 3055 Waynesburg Dr SE, $235,000. 
Township Homes Ltd from R G R Canton Properties LLC, 1023 Oak Ave NW, $49,000. 
Walker Brian R & King Mckenna from Roll Juanita D & Furney John R, 1010 46th St SW, $160,000. 
Baker Phillip D from Hulvat Gerald F, 6448 Dunwoody Cir NW, $387,450. 
Beaufait Lisa & Gregory from Sand Michael & Marilee, 6421 Doral Dr NW, $369,000. 
Blose Thomas S & Carol A from Price Marianne M, 4300 Greenway Trl NW, $235,500. 
Cassidy Drew J from Heiser Lisa E, 6561 Portage St NW, $189,900. 
Goodrick David & Mackey Lori from Sampsel Christopher S Trustee of the Ter, 8653 Dublin Ridge Cir NW, $280,000. 
Graham Seth & Brennen R from Jones Thomas D, 5186 Huckleberry St NW, $233,750. 
Grametbauer Jeffrey K from Wallman Lawrence H & Barbara J/TTEES of, 7041 Wild Fox Run Ave NW, $610,000. 
Hale Langston from Schmidt William Jr, 8054 Daytona St NW, $199,000. 
Hanson Margaretta Lynn from Keener Ronald E & Andrea E, 620 Stuart St NW, $150,000. 
Kozub Matthew from JJ & S Investment Properties LLC, 4194 Fulton Dr NW, $525,000. 
Lewis David & Colleen from Cross Timberlands LLC, 5847 East BLVD NW, $525,000. 
Monroe Braxton L & Christi J from Zimbardi Angelo J, 5419 Sonia Ave NW, $334,900. 
Pitts Daniel F from Houck Richelle R & Simms Ruthanne, 5090 Echovalley St NW, $215,000. 
Rachaiah Somashekhar & Nanjundswamy from Mistry Kuldeep Kishore & Sweta Kuldeep, 3155 Wickford Ave NW, $380,000. 
Robinson Christopher & Diamond from Detwiler Bradley R, 6689 Portage St NW, $148,000. 
Schwitzgable Mark & Burchett Alyssa from Stratosphere Investments LLC, 5201 Whippoorwill St NW, $252,000. 
SKJ Brothers Roofing Corp from Greenawalt Larry L & Rosemary, 5628 Brookstone St NW, $275,000. 
Spuhler Katelyn & Hupp Timothy from Bartley Kathryn E, 2729 Blue Ash Ave NW, $420,500. 
Troyer Albert E from Lehere Laurence, 7009 Buckhorn Dr NW, $371,800. 
Tyler Khirye from Hadnett Paul M & Melissa E, 7638 Diamondback Ave NW, $340,000. 
Varner Sarah from Schopp Heather A, 8313 Caroline St NW, $166,000. 
Wilhelm Brandon C & Natalie N from Jane Zito Designs LLC, 7238 Greenview Ave NW, $842,000. 
Williams Dan & Danielle from Engle Shawn & Courtney, 7464 Diamondback Ave NW, $375,000. 
Arrington Sarah from Rayman William S & Tina M, 12700 Bixler Ave NE, $200,000. 
Brown Roy Murle & Britteny D from House John T Jr & Nancy J, 10859 Wolf Ave NE, $535,000. 
Dyrlund Mitchell Thomas & Ashli Renee from Lohse Christine N, 1590 Cove St NW, $240,000. 
Etc 1 Properties LLC from Keen Jack D, 290 Lincoln St SW Unit 290-F, $58,080. 
Geisinger David from Brown Roy M & Britteny D, 1901 Andrews St NE, $271,000. 
Griffith John Robert II & Christina from Mcculloch Richard, 11411 Kent Ave NE, $200,000. 
Klingelhofer Jaime Lynn Trustee from Congress Lake Company, parcel 10000964 West Hill Cir NE, $6,800. 
Legkiy Rostislav S & Tatyana M from Rathbun Robert P & Marilyn J, 1524 Lomalinda Cir NW, $212,000. 
Miller James W & Audrey J from Schwinn Heather E, 10644 Charney Ave NW, $285,000. 
Monter David & Stearns Jessica L from Titus Todd M, 2273 Edison St NW, $370,000. 
Quigley John Eric & Rhonda Lee Ttees from Kefalas Costas TTEE/COSTAS H Kefalas Tru, 9086 Brookledge Ave NW, $245,000. 
Riegler Frederick R from Riegler Pat L Succ TTEE/DONALD D Wilson, 254 Bixler Ave NE, $120,000. 
Schaffernocker Dianne from Luchitz Mary Margaret Trustee of the Nic, 2920 Carrington St NW, $600,000. 
Thomas Tyler & Leiby Reagan S from Arnold Casey P & Taylor R, 2274 Dorhill St NW, $225,000. 
Chapman Adam M & Courtney L from Buttacavoli Glen F, 10456 Persimmon St NW, $155,000. 
Fisher Raymond J & Betty R from Heatwole Myron R & Edith A, 2874 Alabama Ave NW, $120,000. 
Mcfee Gregory N from Gutshall David W & Sandra L, parcel 2500014 Erie Ave NW, $69,900. 
Morgan Laura from Terry Zachary, 14951 Lawmont St, $40,000. 
Hively Eugene II & Debra from Stoudt Joyce E, 10850 Wilma Ave NE, $147,200. 
Lindsay Andrew J & Amanda D from Dulaney Roger C & Myrna L, 11636 Walnut Ave NE, $200,000. 
Batchelor Adrian M & Melanie L from Lumley Zachary C, 970 Cypress Ave, $289,500. 
Johnson Andrew Allen from Buccasso Anthony L, 613 N Walnut St, $229,800. 
Johnson Anthony D from Krabill Mary R Ttee, 1157 Sturbridge Dr, $299,900. 
Mcdonald Christopher Michael from Mabry Danny W, 619 E Broad St, $140,000. 
Griffith Kristy Renee from Mayer Dennis & Yeh Michele R Ttees, 5725 Tyro St NE, $548,000. 
Rodabaugh Richard K from Vaughan Aaron K Co Trustee, 12085 Marlboro Ave NE, $88,000. 
875 LLC from Medishield Solutions Ltd, 845 8th St NE, $590,000. 
Brave Enterprises LLC from JD Real Estate Investments Inc, 409 Erie St N, $250,000. 
Campbell Cynthia A from Scott Barrett J, 27 7th St SW, $110,000. 
Couch Marcia & Ray from Arner Lynn & Pizzino Valerie M, 2109 Amherst Rd NE, $183,000. 
Easton Stephen Wesley & Brooks Katherine from Richards Branden S & Emily N, 818 Cherry Rd NW, $175,000. 
Gerber Lynn & Morris Ashley from Sekermestrovich William C, 18 Burton Ave NE, $95,365. 
Healy Austin L & Monnot Heather R from Racin John Jr, 1511 Hankins Rd NE, $209,000. 
Hope Homes Foundation Inc from Knetzer Properties LLC, 1121 Overlook Ave SW, $143,200. 
Hunt Niccole Leigh & Matthew Quinton & from Pennington Emmitt G & Heather, 834 Sawmill Trl NE, $279,900. 
NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation from Lockhart A R Development Co, 1851 Fish Creek Cir NW, $59,000. 
Pry David W & Nancy J from Dezordo Travis J & Remark Nicholas J, 2205 Alden Ave NW, $148,000. 
Ries Mavrick from Radtka Jason R, 705 1st St NE, $110,000. 
Robinson Jill M & David A from Gardner Michael Shane Jr & Haley, 34 14th St NW, $275,000. 
Shabby House Properties LLC from Reyes Teresa, 725 Warren St SW, $52,500. 
Wiskofske Mark S & Sara Jane from Wiskofske Mark S & Jamie S, 715 6th St SW, $24,300. 
Yutzy Holdings LLC from Bennett Randy Allen, 436 Carver St NW, $110,000. 
Booher Rachelle Ttee from PNC Bank National Association, 7880 N Nickel Plate St, $91,000. 
Harris Ryan J & Hope S from Wilson Thomas H & Kirsten D, 134 Bonnett St SW, $315,000. 
Ramey Dylan & Olivia from Bose Orrin E, 1500 Chatham Ave NE, $325,000. 
Reeve Kyle & Kathryn from Whyte Julie A, 275 Orchard Hill Dr SW, $180,000. 
Rowlands Property Management LLC from Miranda Gail D, 819 S Valley BLVD NW, $113,850. 
Stewart Cheryl K from Eye Eric W and Kimberly R Schaufele, 220 Glenwood St SW, $195,000. 
Weber Pamela from Nahacky Katie L, 413 Sherbrook Cir NE #413B, $149,000. 
Williams Jerihca & Robin from Wiedmann Olga, 1118 Willoway Ave SE, $200,000. 
Hatten Nicholas Cameron & Summer from Burson Eugene A, 8674 Lincoln St SE, $212,000. 
Romine Martha R from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 5535 Spanish Bay St SE, $350,955. 
Dumeny Steven & Tammy from Rocco Alice I, 605 Lincoln St SE, $134,000. 
Hendershott Shirley M from Matthew Douglas S & Candice L, 4325 Woodale Ave SE Lot 40, $90,000. 
Wilson Allen C from Evans Amy L & Walker Betty L Trustees of, 805 Shallow Run St, $170,250. 
Burrows Darren E & Lori E from Caughey Michael T & Hannah L, 4210 Stump Ave SW, $240,000. 
Casto Paul D from Lescallett Andrew M Jean, 1510 Menlough Ave NW, $145,000. 
Christensen Kenneth C from Higher Power Properties LLC, 1443 Miles Ave SW, $167,000. 
Christensen Kenneth C from Revision Homebuyers LLC, 308 Jackson Ave NW, $85,000. 
Christensen Kenneth C from Simpson J Erik & Denise Stratton, 1433 Miles Ave SW, $167,000. 
Colucy Alex G from Performance Advantage Properties LLC, 5240 Emil Ave SW Unit 102, $60,000. 
Croston Carol from Dixon Rebecca B, 163 Saratoga Ave NW, $160,000. 
Dennison Megan E from Leiby Reagan, 163 Fromm Ave NW, $175,100. 
Gempro LLC from Ash Ventures LLC, 4915 Tuscarawas St W, $375,000. 
HB1 Alternative Holdings LLC from Freeman Kirby & Dorothy M, 5822 Longview St SW, $159,652. 
Lacourt Luis E from Enos Janice L, 1205 Ashton Ave NW, $110,000. 
Meadows Ohio LLC from Keller Michael, 4516 Navarre Rd SW Lot #38, $1,000. 
Meadows Ohio LLC from Torres Maldonado Manuel, 4516 Navarre Rd SW Lot #12, $1,100. 
Miller Gregory B & Hayley D from Back John E & Robert H, 4838 Kendal St SW, $145,000. 
Moody Caleb C & Raegan N from Bickel Sarah, 1225 Western Ave SW, $150,000. 
Rosca Eugen T & Doina M from FJL Properties LLC, 4620 13th St NW, $249,900. 
Sexton Kathleen G & Lermon E from Sisler John R, 2601 Barnstone Ave SW, $191,000. 
Storsin Jr Joseph M from Tomlinson Jeffrey B, 520 Roxbury Ave NW, $258,700. 
Trissel Mark & Maria from Clouse Jared & Sara R, 5604 Perry Hills Dr SW, $210,000. 
Belhabib Diana from Clapper Marcella, 2217 Kingsbury Dr SW, $1,000. 
Beck Timothy R from Plumley Gerald G & Carol E, 1949 36th St NE, $54,000. 
Bolek Marie from Hughes David & Susan, 108 Denham Cir NE, $185,000. 
Cohen Richard from Hull Ronnie G & Harlan Rachel M, 3026 Cloverhurst St NE, $370,000. 
Coy Robert from Bobish Peter E, 1122 29th St NE, $80,000. 
Dixon Michael S & Jennifer S from Kreiter Richard J & Sandra R, 1835 Summerchase Rd NE, $245,000. 
Dy BNB LLC from Schen Jordan J, 2915 18th St NW, $122,000. 
Griffin Adam James & Henderson from Bressanelli Jerome P & Donette M., 3111 Westmoreland Ave NW, $401,000. 
Hess Andrew J from Griggy James E & Gray Jeffery D, 2440 41st St NW, $125,000. 
Humphrey Benjamin Christopher & from Waldron Kristen E, 1630 E Maple St NW, $212,500. 
Lane Ransom Terrell & Monique from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 1287 Southbrook Cir NE, $415,000. 
Love Lisa A from Arnold John E & Susan J, 910 Duck Hollow Cir NE, $565,000. 
Martin William J & Theresa J from Mckinley-Applegroveltd, 940 Dunway Ave NE, $129,000. 
Mcdaniel Katherine & Valentine Korey from Anderson Steven R. R., 2535 Lakeside Ave NW, $177,400. 
NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 3333 Stoneleigh Rd NE, $72,000. 
NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 3367 Stoneleigh Rd NE, $72,000. 
Park Kathleen C Ttee from Smith Harold T & Barbara H, 4127 Tannybrooke LN NW #7C, $193,000. 
Potts Thomas W from Wicker Creek North LLC, parcel 10013769 Wicker St NE, $59,000. 
Sanner Tabellion Laura & Theodore from S F R S LLC, 2626 Dorothy Ave NE, $84,900. 
Sanner Theodore & Laura Tabellion from Westdale KM Holdings LLC, 2916 31st St NE, $74,900. 
Schen Jordan J from Williams Stanley v & Donna E, 5853 Royal Hill Cir NE, $318,000. 
Schwinn Heather E from Smith Melissa M, 2255 Rohrer St NW, $336,000. 
Silvas Cheryl & Gonzalez Britney from Dixon Michael S & Jennifer S, 2412 Onahom Cir NE, $150,000. 
Singh Homes LLC from Holcomb Marna F, 3601 Everhard Rd NW, $190,000. 
Third Street Partners Willoughby LLC from CF Homes LLC, 3947 Ronelle Cir NW, $160,000. 
Toschlog Michael from Crum Andrew J, 2210 48th St NE, $159,000. 
Travis David Bradley & Tricia Joy from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 1241 Southbrook Cir NE, $403,970. 
Bailey Justin from North Star Investors LLC, 8793 Elmfort Ave SE, $60,000. 
Penick Charles E & Jennifer D from Dick Donald, 331 Plum St N, $60,000. 
Debra L Smith from Reed Jean, 10251 Cardale St SW, $1,000. 
Howell Penelope from Smith Debra L, 10251 Cardale St SW, $1,000. 
Jeremiah Twenty-Nine Eleven LLC from Curlutu Casey I & Casto-Leglise Carissa, 552 Wabash Ave S, $136,500. 
Reid Imane from Behm Thomas E Jr, 460 1st St NW Lot #26, $17,500. 
Wilson Jeremy P & Merry Danielle N from Edwards Lois B, 158 Superior St NE, $103,400. 
Bratcher Benjamin J & Andrea C from Robinson David A & Jill M, 13284 Barrs Rd SW, $360,000. 
Sanor Jasen J & Karen S from Davis William R & Linda L, 1708 Winston St, $35,000.


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