A Tale of Two Sectors: Exploring the Industrial Boom and

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In the last several years, there has been a substantial change in the US real estate market. A startling contrast between the thriving industrial sector and the failing office market has formed as the COVID-19 pandemic`s effects on the commercial real estate landscape continue to take shape. Both investors and property owners have faced opportunities and difficulties as a result of this division. We have examined the cities with the highest discrepancies between the good performance of industrial space and the underperformance of office spaces.

City 2022 Ind. Rent Growth Office Loans at Risk Outstanding Office Loans
New York 10.9% 3rd most at-risk $16 billion
Los Angeles 6.0% 14th most at-risk $16.9 billion
Chicago 5.7% 11th most at-risk $11.9 billion
Houston 5.1% 17th most at-risk $13.8 billion

The Office Crisis`s Center Of Gravity Is New York.

Due to its enviable location and substantial demand for office space, the Big Apple has long been a commercial real estate powerhouse. The pandemic, however, has left the city`s office market in shambles. New York is the riskiest metro area in the nation for office property valuations, where there are a whopping $16 billion in commercial real estate (CRE) loans coming due in 2023, a 30% increase from 2022.

The need for office space has drastically decreased as businesses have adapted to remote working arrangements and reduced their physical footprints. Vacancy rates have increased as a result, and property prices have decreased. In contrast, New York`s manufacturing sector has held up well. The need for distribution and fulfillment centers has expanded along with the demand for industrial space as e-commerce has skyrocketed. Investors trying to understand the city`s shifting real estate market can note this stark division between the office and industrial sectors in New York.

Booming Industrial Hub With A Sluggish Office Market: Los Angeles

Another excellent example of a city that is struggling with the dramatic disparity between the industrial and office sectors is Los Angeles. The city has a strong manufacturing base and is well-located on the West Coast, making it a desirable location for industrial investment. The industrial sector in Los Angeles saw a strong 7.2% year-over-year rent gain in 2022.

The Los Angeles office market, however, paints a different picture. Vacancy rates have increased markedly and property values have fallen as businesses have adopted remote work and reduced the size of their offices; however, these values have not dropped enough to reflect the current interest rate environment, and are still carried in some cases at cap rates reflective of 2021`s rate environment. Los Angeles, which has about $16.9 billion in outstanding office loans, is fourteenth in the US for office loan risk. Strategic default has occurred on downtown office properties, most recently by Brookfield. The contrast between the city`s booming industrial sector and its struggling office market should be well-understood by investors.

Navigating The Diverse Real Estate Environment In Chicago

Chicago has been a popular destination for industrial real estate investment due to its strategic midwest geographic position and large transit network. The industrial sector of the city has experienced tremendous expansion, with a 6.3% year-over-year rent growth in 2022.

Furthermore, the requirement for effective supply chain networks and the expansion of e-commerce have both increased demand for warehouse and distribution facilities.

On the other hand, Chicago`s office market has had a difficult time rebounding from the pandemic-induced office property recession. The need for office space has decreased as more businesses switch to hybrid or remote work models. With over $11.9 billion in maturing loans, Chicago ranks as the seventeenth most at-risk metro area for bank office loans. For investors and property owners in the Windy City, the dramatic contrast between the thriving industrial sector and the faltering office market creates a challenging environment.

Houston: A Dichotomy Driven By Energy

The growing divide between the industrial and office sectors has also been observed in Houston, which is well-known for its robust energy sector. The city`s industrial market has benefited from its advantageous position, robust transportation system, and expansion of the manufacturing and petrochemical industries. Rents in Houston`s industrial sector increased by 6.0% in 2022 over the previous year.

On the other hand, the pandemic and the turbulence in the energy industry have had a negative effect on the city`s office market. Businesses have reduced the amount of office space they need, which has resulted in growing vacancy rates and falling property values. With over $13.8 billion in about-to-mature loans, Houston is ranked as the seventeenth riskiest metro location for office loans. Investors attempting to take advantage of Houston`s distinctive real estate dynamics face a difficult environment as a result of this division between the industrial and commercial markets.


The contrast between the robust industrial sector and the ailing office market has been more obvious as the commercial real estate landscape continues to change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic`s ongoing consequences. Significant differences between these two asset types have been observed in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston, offering both opportunities and difficulties for investors and property owners.

Investors should carefully consider the risks and benefits associated with each sector when making investment decisions in light of these divergent tendencies. This could entail altering investment tactics to concentrate on the expanding industrial market or investigating creative ways to convert underperforming office buildings in order to satisfy the shifting demands of today`s enterprises.

In order to successfully navigate the complicated and ever-changing real estate market in these cities and beyond, the knowledgeable investor will need to grasp the factors that are driving these different patterns. Investors who can successfully spot possibilities within this contradiction will be well-positioned for long-term success as the commercial real estate market continues to adjust to the new normal.

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Top real estate agents sell homes faster and for more money. We’ve analyzed top agents across the US so you can compare the best real estate agents near you using metrics that matter; how well they sell homes like yours.

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Black History Gala to honor more than a dozen



More than a dozen people will be honored Saturday, Feb. 25, during the third annual Black History Gala at the Dothan Country Club.

The event explores how African Americans have resisted historic and ongoing oppression, and those who are continuing to make history.

The gala is sponsored by the Mike Schmitz Foundation and hosted by Schmitz and Dothan Municipal Court Judge Rose Evans-Gordon. The ticket event raises money for nonprofits in the community.

The red carpet and cocktail festivities begin at 5 p.m. and the dinner and dance commence at 6 p.m. General admission is $75 and the VIP experience is $100.

Nine people ranging in age from 84 to 100 are being honored in the Black Resistance category. They include Gussie Gibson, Gussie Allen, Thaomia Hilliard, Annie Ruth Weatherington, Fannie Huff, Gary Griffin, Pete Afford, Ramona Cleveland, and Mary Ethel Williams.

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Five individuals being cited for representing Black Excellence include Darryl Elliott, Virgil Byrd, Ira Hall, Valerie Russell, and Izell Reese.

Below is a rundown of those being honored this year:

Gussie GibsonA native of Montgomery County, Mrs. Gussie Gibson, 100, is the oldest of four girls born to Jimmy Lee and Sally Lampley. The family moved to Hartford and later to Dothan, where it resided in a close-knit community called Southside.

Gussie attended school through the ninth grade in Hartford, but when she moved to Dothan she quit to start working. She nursed children and did domestic work, and was hired at the Akwell factory, where she worked 16 years before retiring.

Along the way she resumed her schooling, attending adult classes at Carver High School on Lake Street.

She was married to Johnny Gibson for 55 years. They have two daughters, Janice and Johnnie Mae.

The Southside community was uprooted when the city purchased the land and the African American residents had to move. Most of the residents and many of their churches moved to Harmondale Subdivision (Lakeview).

Most of the area was nothing but woods, and for many years there were no paved streets. Gussie’s Southside church, Bethel Missionary Baptist, relocated to Allen Road and changed its name to New Bethel Missionary Baptist.

After the move, Gussie remained active in the church. She was a choir member, Matrons member, Adult Sunday School Class participant, Missionary Department Co-Chair, Mission Circle member, and she assisted with many youth activities.

She attributes her longevity to God’s will. She says she has come this far by leaning and depending on the Lord.

Gussie AllenMrs. Gussie Pearl Lawrence Allen was born in Headland on Dec. 2, 1922. She has been a resident of the Dothan community since late 1939. She wed James Allen on Feb. 2, 1946. They were married 58 years until his death.

Mrs. Allen is a woman of great faith who loves her church family at Greater Beulah Missionary Baptist Church, where she has been a member for 76 years and counting. She attends services regularly and was active in various ministries and auxiliaries until the pandemic.

Mrs. Allen was a member of the Glanton Pride #603 Order of Eastern Star for 76 years. During a long and productive life, she has demonstrated in countless ways her dedication to the welfare of others and has earned the respect and affection of people from all walks of life and all ages who affectionately call her mom, Mother Allen, Aunt Gussie, Cousin Gussie, Granny-Pooh, and Granny-Gran.

In her quiet way Mrs. Allen has been a force for good and a stabilizing influence on those around her. She believes that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her, constantly humming, “look where He’s brought me from!”

Thaomia HilliardMrs. Thaomia Keith Hilliard, 94, was the sixth of George and Ila Mae Keith’s eight children. She was born in Coffee Springs and attended several area schools as her parents moved around as sharecropper farmers.

Her second time living in Slocomb, she graduated from Geneva County Training School. After attending Selma University, she returned to Slocomb and worked as a substitute teacher. In the early 1960s she became a teacher’s aide at GCTS.

After desegregation, she worked as a teacher’s aide in a kindergarten classroom at Slocomb Elementary School – the only African American. Somewhere along the way, she decided to become one of the custodians.

She kept her connection to the children by helping them during the school’s annual Science Fair. She joined a few of them in Washington, D.C., as they competed at the national level. She retired from the Geneva County School District at 65.

Thaomia and her husband Tallis Hilliard had five children. An interesting fact about being honored at the Dothan Country Club is that Tallis was the greenskeeper until he passed in the early 1970s. Each summer he brought Thaomia and the children to clean the golf cart shed.

Thaomia never met a stranger and her smile is contagious.

Annie Ruth WeatheringtonMrs. Annie Ruth Weatherington, 87, was born in Houston County to Willie Charles Bogar and Minnie Lee Brunson Bogar. The second-born of the couple’s nine children, she remembers laboring in the fields and picking cotton as young child with her mother, father, and siblings. She also remembers doing laundry for others to help provide for her family. Times got better once she became an employee at Hedstrom.

Mrs. Weatherington shares her life experiences with segregation, low working wages, and discrimination with her descendants. She fought for her rights as an employee by joining co-workers in a strike at Charles Manufacturing Company in Dothan.

She was married to Wesley Weatherington for more than 50 years. They had five children and raised five of their grandchildren as their own. Mrs. Weatherington has lived all her life in the community known as “Stateline” at the Alabama-Florida border.

As a member of Antioch Baptist Church for more than 70 years, Mrs. Weatherington is a faithful and hardworking servant. She has served as a Deaconess, chair of the kitchen committee, choir member, a member of the Ladies Aide Society, a member of the Pastor’s Aide committee, and the church custodian.

If you ask anyone what her God-given gift is, they will tell you it’s her cooking. Her collard greens, fried chicken, cornbread, and crab salad should be packaged and sold.

Mrs. Weatherington’s greatest attributes are her unwavering faith in God, her love and dedication to her family, and her gentle, kind, and giving spirit.

Fannie HuffMrs. Fannie Jewell Huff (Flowers) was born in Pike County, Alabama, on Sept. 26, 1935. She attended Grant Elementary School, Hillcrest, and South High School in Youngstown, Ohio. Ms. Fannie returned to Alabama in 1958 and has lived in Slocomb ever since.

The mother of one son and seven daughters, she has been a member of County Line Missionary Baptist Church for over 60 years.

Ms. Fannie serves her church and community. For years, she donated underwear and supplied soap and lotion to the Geneva County jail inmates.

Ms. Fannie is known as the cooking lady in her community, sending food to anyone in need. If you are hungry or just want to eat, everyone knows to go by Ms. Fannie’s house, especially on Sunday. Her hobbies include reading (still able to read two or three books a week), cooking, watching murder mysteries, and politics.

Gary GriffinGary Jerome Thornton Griffin, 84, was raised in Dothan by his parents and grandparents, Wallace and Lucille Griffin Smith and Porter and Alma Griffin.

He is married to Renay Davenport Griffin and a member Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Headland.

He has a master of Public Administration degree from The American University, Washington, D.C. He held positions of increasing responsibility within the Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Washington, D.C. He was Director of Civilian Personnel and Equal Employment Opportunity and Chief of Electronic Communications and Maintenance.

He has served as consultant to the Director of Business Services, Bowie State University, Bowie, Md. He was Human Resource Manager, Potomac Job Corps Center, Washington, D.C., and worked for the City of Dothan as its Equal Employment Officer.

He was an owner/consultant to the Department of Labor Job Corps Center Programs for Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Pa., Miami, Fla., Brunswick, Ga., and Gulfport, Ms.

His memberships and affiliations include: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, American Federation of Community Credit Unions, Blacks in Government, Disabled American Veterans, Member of Board of Directors American Red Cross, President, Board of Directors Wiregrass Area Food Bank, Past Chair Dothan Personnel Board, and Past President Men’s Civic Club.

He served in the United States Air Force and is a graduate of the Schools of Communications and Cryptographic Instructions.

In April 1973, he filed the first class-action discrimination lawsuit against the Department of Defense, on behalf of Black employees, to test the new Equal Employment Act passed by Congress in 1972. The suit was successful and opened the door for other Blacks to obtain jobs within the Department of Defense and other government agencies.

His honors and awards are numerous, including the NAACP Roy Wilkins Meritorious Award, 1987, New York City, N.Y., and the Outstanding Employee Service Award for 13 consecutive years with the Defense Communications Agency, Washington, D.C.

Pete AffordLeroy “Pete” Afford was born April 11, 1938, on East Burdeshaw Street in Dothan. He was welcomed by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Afford and five siblings.

“Pete” attended Dothan City Schools. After high school he worked at B.C. Moore in downtown Dothan. After being recognized for his charming demeanor, well-dressed and coifed presentation (he is rarely seen without a suit and tie), communication skills and overall customer service, he was recruited to work at Dothan Bank and Trust, which became First Alabama Bank and then Regions Bank.

In the banking world “Pete” is renowned for being one of the first African Americans in Dothan to be employed in the banking industry, where he worked for more than 40 years. He was the first African American to become a member Dothan Elks Lodge 1887, where he also worked for 30-plus years. He is also a lifelong member of Wiregrass Elks Lodge 810.

He has long been active in Stringer Street Church where he has been recognized as one of the longest serving members. Realizing that only what you do for Christ will last, “Pete” serves as a Steward, a member of the Sons of Allen, and a Sunday school teacher.

Although he has had many accomplishments and accolades, he is most proud of the fact that he raised three daughters as a single parent with the help of his mother and later his wife Sara, who has been loving and supportive of all his endeavors. He is also very active in the lives of his grand and great-grandchildren.

Although he had all girls, “Pete” continues to be invested in the young black men in his community. Many of the young men growing up in the neighborhood recount their admiration for “Mr. Pete” who represented what an active father and provider looked like in a community where there were few or no role models in that area. Many attribute their work ethic to “Mr. Pete” helping them get their first job.

Ramona ClevelandMrs. Ramona Whitman Cleveland, 94, was the fourth child and only daughter of Charlie and Lucille Whitman of Birmingham.

She lived the normal life of a child growing up in a segregated society. She graduated from Washington Elementary School, A.H. Parker High School and Miles Memorial College, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Social Studies and a minor in English and French.

She taught American History and English for four years at Carver High School in Union Springs and American History and French for eight years at Carver High School in Monroe, Ga.

She moved to Dothan in 1968. She taught American History, Alabama History, and Geography at Carver High School for one year, then taught General American History and Advanced American History at Dothan High School. After Northview High School opened she transferred there and taught American History, American Government, and Economics until she retired in May 1989.

Upon retirement she became director of the First Missionary Baptist Church Daycare Center. Additionally, she was a servant leader who taught Sunday School, belonged to church groups, and served 33 years as President of the Missionary Department.

Her melodious voice was an asset as a soloist in the senior choir and a regular participant in weekly prayer service. Mrs. Cleveland was deeply involved with the local, state, and national conventions.

Through the years she coordinated activities that provided services that brought joy to individuals in Alabama and Florida nursing homes. She mentored young leaders who have taken the mantel and followed in her footsteps.

Her community affiliations include: Past secretary of Local AARP Chapter #388, former member and officer of The Eureka Club, member of the Amy Washington Chapter #858 O.E.S., member of the Alabama Education Association, member of the National Education Association, member of the Alabama Retired Teachers Association, member of Houston/Henry County Retired Teachers Association, and member of Community Diabetes Organization.

Her motto: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Mary Ethel WilliamsMrs. Mary Ethel Williams was born April 30, 1931, in Henry County near Abbeville, the first child of Ellis Morrison and Rosie Lee Williams. Her brother, Jessie Lee, now deceased, was born Aug. 9, 1933, and sister, Betty Jean, also deceased, was born Nov. 27, 1935.

Later, the family moved to Headland, where Mary Ethel was reared and educated in the segregated black schools. After finishing junior high, her mother enrolled her in Northside Colored High School where she attended through grade 11 before dropping out to get married.

She married King Williams Jr. on Oct. 15, 1950. They eloped to Fort Gaines, Ga., and, immediately after marrying, rushed back to Headland to get Mary Ethel back to church so she could fulfill her duty as usher that night. After church, Mary Ethel went home with her parents. She continued to live with them in Headland and King with his parents in Newville. Their marriage remained a secret for two weeks before Rosie Lee discovered the marriage license.

After the discovery, King and Mary Ethel lived with his parents in Newville for two and half years. King, who quit school at age 14, worked in the field. His father, King Williams Sr., held the office of treasurer for the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and encouraged Mary Ethel to join.

She became a member of the NAACP in 1952 after which she voted for the first time. She paid a poll tax to do so because, at the time, Alabama was one of five states that maintained poll taxes, which were aimed at disenfranchising black voters and institutionalizing segregation. The first few times she voted, she was afraid and nervous, because white people gathered at the voting place to frighten, intimidate, and prevent black people from voting. Since being granted the right, she has never failed to vote.

In 1955, after he was able to get work at the local hardware store, King and Mary Ethel moved to Headland. She did domestic work for a schoolteacher named Mrs. Louise Weston for nine years. In 1956, after being recommended, she began working for Mrs. Teressa Morriss doing domestic work and helping her raise her three children Terry Lynn, Edwin, and Mark. On August 14, 1958, Mary Ethel’s and Kings’s only child, Rickey Carl Williams, was born. Mrs. Morriss’ husband, Dr. J. E. Morriss, Jr., delivered him in his office in Headland.

Mary Ethel Williams is recognized in Henry County as a strong and persistent woman who is driven to do whatever it is she is passionate about. She is a former Headland councilwoman credited with igniting the effort to rename a major section of Peachtree Street in Headland Martin Luther King Drive. She is also responsible for the naming of a subdivision in the city after A.B. Cotton, now deceased, who was an educator and activist in the city. Her actions helped foster the black community’s sense of belonging and place in the city.

Darryl Elliott and Virgil ByrdDarryl Elliott (aka Darryl E) and Virgil Byrd (aka Virgil K) have been friends since 1982, have been in the broadcasting business since 1984, and are still broadcasters today.

Their work as entertainers has spanned decades and made it natural for them to move into the arena of music festivals.

In 2011, a conversation in the WBBK Studio about doing a festival in Dothan (something unheard of in the African-American community) resulted in Tri-State Family Reunion, an event that brings in thousands of people and has staying power.

Ira HallIra Hall is the owner/president of TUFF Masonry LLC (2017) and founder of TUFF Masonry Apprenticeship Program Inc. (2020). He has been involved in masonry construction for 24 years and holds Local Union #1 Minnesota/North Dakota certification. With an emphasis on brick, block, stone, and concrete, Hall has traveled throughout the United States and gained expertise from working in different climates and learning from experienced tradesmen.

As a Dothan native, Hall is dedicated to giving back to his community through the creation of a mentorship program that gives teenagers and young adults the same opportunity he had in order to make a good living and be creative. He hopes to inspire and educate young people as they transition into adulthood, with the end goal of establishing a trade program in every low-income community.

Valerie RussellValerie Lynn Russell was born in 1972 in Enterprise to Wayne and Annie Jean Russell-Elliard. At an early age Wayne taught her the importance of entrepreneurship and owning real estate. Wayne was the co-owner of Russell & Fleming Vault Company. He purchased real estate properties throughout Enterprise.

He grew crops which consisted of corn, peas, and okra. He also owned livestock. During summer months while most kids were at camp or vacationing, Valerie and her cousins worked as field hands. They picked peas in the hot sun. Their pay was a trip to Mr. Edwards’ grocery store on Daleville Avenue. They could pick any one item of their choice.

Little did Valerie know, her father was teaching good work ethic and preparing her for the real world. Her father would always tell her, “Lynn, I want you to do more than I did. No excuses.”

A 1991 high school graduate of Enterprise High School, Valerie attended Alabama A&M University where she earned a B.S. degree in Communications with a concentration in marketing.

Although Valerie had been groomed for entrepreneurship, she found media exciting. In 1996 she launched her TV career as a morning show producer and reporter in Columbia, S.C. She got her real estate license, and later received her broker’s license and opened her own real estate firm in South Carolina, Crescent Real Estate.

During the peak of her real estate career, her life took an unexpected turn which created a temporary setback. She maintained her real estate broker’s license but shut down her company and returned to corporate America at an NBC affiliate in Columbia, S.C. She was the first African-American woman to work as an account executive at this station. During her 15-year tenure at the television station, she earned awards, trips, and maximum income.

In September 2020 Valerie was approached by a senior executive in Gray Television to meet with the general manager of WTVY in Dothan. Although it felt surreal, she knew God was calling her back home to the Wiregrass after 30 years. After six interviews, Valerie was hired as the first African American general sales manager at WTVY. She was recently promoted to general manager of the station.

She recently authored her first book, Corporate Christian 101 where she shares Christian principles on how to navigate through corporate America and not lose one’s core values.

Izell ReeseIzell Reese is the CEO for RCX Sports. A former college athlete, Reese walked on at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, eventually earning a scholarship, and posting stats that drew the attention of NFL scouts. Reese was drafted by the Cowboys in 1998 and spent seven years in the NFL, spending his career playing for the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, and Buffalo Bills.

Reese joined the Reigning Champs family 13 years ago and has remained dedicated to the mission of impacting youth through sports. He has helped secure notable partnerships with top leagues and sports-centric brands, including the Jr. NBA, NFL, NHL, national governing bodies and led the expansion of the organization’s youth-sports initiatives.

In 2019, Reigning Champs announced the launch of RCX, an experiential events business designed to engage youth athletes, families, and fans in new, innovative, and experiential ways. Reese played an integral role in the discussions that led to RCX’s partnership with NFL FLAG.

As the official operating partner of NFL FLAG, RCX now also oversees NFL FLAG leagues and tournament play beginning with the operation of the NFL FLAG Championships in January of 2020 with special emphasis placed on providing support to local leagues and participant growth, specifically among girls. As part of the female participation growth, NFL FLAG helped orchestrate launching flag football for females as a collegiate sport for NAIA and NJCAA.

Since being named CEO, Reese secured partnerships with NHL, MLB, and a continued partnership with the Jr. NBA running its global championships and Jr. NBA leagues. RCX Sports is launching a new youth property in partnership with the NHL named NHL Street. NHL Street will expand across North America with recreational hockey programming, and the program is designed to be local, affordable, and age-appropriate engaging kids from ages 5-17. In the new partnership with the MLB, RCX will run and reimagine their Junior Home Run Derby and Pitch Hit & Run properties.


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For Chinese immigrants in southwest Houston and Katy, proposed real

When Becky Cao finished college in California two decades ago and was looking to put her economics degree to use, she chose Texas, drawn by its business-friendly, affordable reputation.

She and her husband, then both Chinese citizens with permanent U.S. residency, bought their first home in Richmond in 2009, started a family and became U.S. citizens. They found the corporate jobs they had sought, and thrived.

But if Cao was entering the job market this year, she may not have considered Texas at all. Under Senate Bill 147, which the Texas Legislature will consider in the coming months and which Gov. Greg Abbott has said he would sign into law, many Chinese immigrants starting out in Texas  wouldn’t be able to purchase property. The bill would bar citizens and corporations from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran from buying real estate in Texas.

SB 147 is part of a wave of bills being introduced in more than a dozen state legislatures aiming to curtail investment in the United States from nations considered an economic or strategic threat, according to media reports. Critics argue the bills are discriminatory, even dangerous – and say they also could have economic consequences.

Texas business and community leaders worry the proposal could dissuade top talent in high-tech and healthcare fields from taking jobs in the state. Not only could that erode the vibrancy of Houston’s Asiatown or Katy’s Asian Town, they argue, it could diminish Houston’s standing as one of the most diverse cities in the country — a key marketing point — and dent Texas’ reputation as a business-friendly state.

“Texas is supposed to be corporate friendly,” said Cao, now 40. She wonders what life would have been like had they been unable to quickly establish the financial foothold of home ownership. “It is just heartbreaking for many people around us now who hold permanent residency. There’s a difference between renting a house and owning a house. It’s a sense of belonging.”

News of the proposed law sent a lightning bolt of outrage through Houston’s Asian American community  in recent weeks, a community that includes an estimated 127,000 people who identify as Chinese, according to the U.S. Census.

“As a permanent resident, if I want to buy another home, if we want to move up, this bill would stop us from doing that,” said Kevin Yu, a broker with Houston Elite Properties Team who has lived in the United States for 13 years. “And also because our business is growing, we were thinking of buying a bigger office and this could affect my ability to buy a commercial property, as well.”

Over the past several years, Yu and his wife, Claire Liang, have established a thriving real estate business in southwest Houston, working with hundreds of Asian American clients every year. Yu estimates about 20 percent to 30 percent of his clients are Chinese citizens, and most are purchasing primary residences.

State Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, the Brenham Republican who authored the bill, has said she plans to amend it to allow permanent residents — green card holders — from the targeted nations to purchase land.

That change still could hamper many immigrants’ ability to invest in Texas, Yu said. It can take several years of jumping through bureaucratic hoops to become a permanent resident, then another five to obtain citizenship. Any such delay can be costly to wealth creation: Someone who moved to Houston five years ago and wasn’t able to purchase land would have missed out on typical Houston property values rising about 52 percent in the interim, according to Zillow estimates.

Realtor Kenneth Li goes into a listing for photographer Mario Sandoval, not in picture, to photograph the unit that’s going on the market Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023, in Houston. The owners of the listing were originally from China. Li talked about the impacts of the proposed SB-147 that would ban people and companies from China, Iran, North Korea and Russian from buying real estate in Texas.Realtor Kenneth Li goes into a listing for photographer Mario Sandoval, not in picture, to photograph the unit that’s going on the market Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023, in Houston. The owners of the listing were originally from China. Li talked about the impacts of the proposed SB-147 that would ban people and companies from China, Iran, North Korea and Russian from buying real estate in Texas.Yi-Chin Lee/Staff photographer

Many immigrants see homeownership as a gateway into a new life in Houston, said Kenneth Li, a real estate broker with Southwest Realty. Li, a native of Taiwan, has worked in Houston real estate for 30 years. Many Chinese homebuyers often get financing through community banks in the Bellaire corridor, he said, thereby bolstering banks’ ability to finance local entrepreneurs, who go on to lease or buy commercial buildings and create jobs.

“The impacts are not just in real estate, but it brings a lot of economic opportunity and value to this area,” Li said. He has fielded a rush of calls from prospective homebuyers peppering him with questions about SB 147, including one considering moving from New York.

“She said, ‘The perception is that Texas doesn’t welcome us, so if that’s the case, I’m not going to move to Texas,’” he recalled.

Others note the bill does not differentiate between the Chinese government and individual Chinese citizens.

“While I understand the U.S. government has concerns, you have legitimate people legally contributing to our economy,” said real estate agent Julie Yau Tam of Lyn Realty, who works with some Chinese investors to manage single-family rentals in Houston.

Gauging impact

The potential impact of SB 147  on Houston’s real estate market is difficult to gauge because the Harris County Appraisal District doesn’t track owners’ country of origin, though several dozen property owners do list mailing addresses in China and a few in Russia.  

Restrictions on foreign investors were recently imposed in Canada, which earlier this year began a two-year ban on international investors purchasing homes to stem skyrocketing home prices. Unlike Canada, however, real estate investors from China aren’t flocking to Texas, noted Sheridan Titman, a professor who teaches real estate and finance at University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business.

“In Canada, (Vancouver and Toronto specifically) Chinese investors did have a material impact on real estate prices, but here they don’t,” Titman said in an interview. “There is a big difference between Houston and Vancouver and Toronto. In those cities, housing supply is a lot more constrained.”

Chinese investors accounted for 6 percent of all home purchases by foreign investors in the United States in the 12-month period ending in March 2022, according to the National Association of Realtors. However, the top U.S. destinations for Chinese residential real estate investors are California, New York, Indiana and Florida, according to NAR, not Texas.

In commercial real estate, Dallas attracts the lion’s share of foreign real estate investment in Texas, with international buyers acquiring $3.3 billion in commercial properties in the 12-month period ending in the third quarter of 2022, second behind Manhattan nationally, according to NAR. That compares $1.3 billion in Houston and nearly $1 billion in Austin. Those numbers include investments from every country, not just China.

Protesters hold signs as politicians denounce SB 147 during a protest and press conference Monday, Jan. 23, 2023, at Houston City Hall in Houston.Protesters hold signs as politicians denounce SB 147 during a protest and press conference Monday, Jan. 23, 2023, at Houston City Hall in Houston.Jon Shapley/Staff photographer

However, a huge commercial deal in Texas was a key motivator behind efforts to curtail Chinese influence here. Two years ago, Chinese billionaire Sun Guangxin’s energy firm, GH America Energy, which has an office near the Galleria, bought about 140,000 acres in Val Verde County for a proposed wind farm. In the wake of the deal, Kolkhorst filed and Abbott signed a law blocking companies with ties to “hostile nations” from accessing “critical infrastructure.” Spain-based energy firm Greenalia confirmed it bought the acreage from GH America Energy in late 2022.

Senators Donna Campbell and Tan Parker, both Republicans, want to extend this “critical infrastructure” language to include agricultural land. In January, they introduced SB 552 to block people from entering into agreements related to agricultural land with citizens, entities and companies from China, Iran, North Korea and Russia. Unlike Kolkhorst’s bill, this would not bar citizens from these countries from buying residential properties.

Buyers from those countries make up a minority of the total investment activity in Texas agricultural lands, said Charles Gilliland, an economist  focused on rural land at Texas A&M Real Estate Center. Nationally, investors from China made up less than 1 percent of total acreage owned by foreign investors in 2021, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Although proposed foreign ownership bans are bubbling up across the country, the legality of these laws remains largely untested.

Some attorneys said laws like SB 147 that single out specific nationalities could be challenged as discriminatory. However, Josh Blackman, who specializes in constitutional law at South Texas College of Law, said it’s possible the Texas bills could stand up in court.

“I don’t see this as an act of anti-Asian bias. President Biden has imposed sanctions on China because they’re an economic threat,” Blackman said. “They don’t want foreign governments controlling our agriculture and shipping our food overseas.”

Critics argue it still could stoke anti-Asian sentiments while unintentionally targeting everyday real estate activity.

“The only deciding factor for property ownership should be financial: Do you have the credit to get a mortgage or a loan?” said Chi-mei Lin, executive director of the nonprofit Chinese Community Center in southwest Houston, which serves mostly immigrant families. Lin and her husband bought their first home in San Antonio in 1985 when they still were permanent residents. “Having your own home is the American dream. We should make this a much easier process for the newcomers instead of making it more difficult for this hard-working population.”

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How would you like to proceed?”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”invalidMsg”: “Please tell us how you would like to proceed.”,”options” : [[ “no” , “Request a Call” ],[ “yes” , “Continue Online” ]]},”secure_label” : {“type” : “html”,”content” : “SECURE FIELD: Protected by 256-bit SSL Encryption”},”gross_income” : {“label”: “How much do you currently owe on your home mortgage?”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”options” : [[ “90000”, “under $100,000” ],[ “150000” , “$100,000 – $150,000” ],[ “200000” , “$150,000 – $200,000” ],[ “250000” , “$200,000 – $250,000” ],[ “300000” , “$250,000 – $300,000” ],[ “350000” , “$300,000 – $350,000” ],[ “400000” , “$350,000 – $400,000” ],[ “400001” , “$400,000 or more” ],[ “150001” , “I don’t know”]]},”gross_income” : {“label”: “What is your household gross (before taxes) annual income?”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”placeholder” : “Select your gross household income…”,”invalidMsg”: “Please select the total gross (before taxes) annual income for your household.”,”options” : [[ ‘30000’ , ‘Less than $30,000’ ],[ ‘50000’ , ‘$30,000 – $50,000’ ],[ ‘75000’ , ‘$50,000 – $75,000’ ],[ ‘100000’, ‘$75,000 – $100,000’ ],[ ‘100001’, ‘Greater than $100,000’ ]]},”bankruptcy” : {“label”: “Have you declared bankruptcy in the past 2 years?”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”placeholder” : “Select a response…”,”invalidMsg”: “Please select your bankruptcy status.”,”class” : “field-stacked”,”options” : [[ ‘Never’ , ‘No’ ],[ ‘Currently’ , ‘Yes’ ]]},”occupational_status” : {“label”: “What is your current employment status?”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”placeholder” : “Select your employment status…”,”invalidMsg”: “Please select your current employment status.”,”class” : “field-stacked”,”options” : [[‘Employed’, ‘Employed’],[‘Self-Employed’ , ‘Self-Employed / 1099 Independent Contractor’],[‘Retired’ , ‘Retired’],[‘Not-Employed’, ‘Not Employed’]]},”occupational_industry” : {“label”: “In which industry are you employed?”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”placeholder” : “Select your employment industry…”,”invalidMsg”: “Please select your current employment industry.”,”options” : [[‘Agriculture’, ‘Agriculture’],[‘Construction’ , ‘Construction’],[‘Education’, ‘Education’ ],[‘Engineering’, ‘Engineering’ ],[‘Hospitality’, ‘Food & Hospitality’ ],[‘Finance’, ‘Finance’ ],[‘Healthcare’ , ‘Healthcare’ ],[‘IT’ , ‘Information Technology’ ],[‘LawEnforcementPublicSafety’, ‘Law Enforcement / Safety’ ],[‘Transportation’, ‘Transportation / Logistics’ ],[‘Other’, ‘Other’]]},”marital_status” : {“label”: “What is your current marital status?”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”placeholder” : “Select your marital status…”,”invalidMsg”: “Please select your current marital status.”,”options” : [[‘Married’ , ‘Married’],[‘Unmarried’ , ‘Unmarried’],[‘Legally Separated’ , ‘Legally Separated’],[‘Widowed’, ‘Widowed’],[‘Other’, ‘Other’],[‘unknown’, ‘I’d rather not say’]]},”has_real_estate_agent” : {“label”: “Are you currently working with a real estate agent?”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”placeholder” : “Select a response…”,”invalidMsg”: “Please select a response.”,”class” : “field-stacked”,”options” : [[‘no’, ‘No, I do not have an agent’],[‘yes’ , ‘Yes, I have an agent’]]},”wants_real_estate_agent” : {“label”: “Do you need a real estate agent?”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”description” : “Earn up to $1,875* credit at closing when you also work with a Veterans United Realty network agent!”,”invalidMsg”: “Please select a response.”,”class” : “field-stacked”,”options” : [[‘yes’ , ‘Yes, I need an agent (Recommended)’],[‘no’, ‘No, I already have an agent’],[‘na’, ‘Skip this question’]]},”vur_offer_disclaimer” : {“label”: “*Credit amounts vary based on factors including loan amount, restrictions apply.”,”type” : “hidden”},”cash_out” : {“label” : “Would you like to use your home’s equity to borrow additional cash?”,”type”: “radio”,”required”: true,”options” :[[ “yes” , “Yes” ],[ “no”, “No” ]]},”cash_out_amount” : {“label” : “How much additional cash would you like to take out?”,”description” : “You may be able to take out as much as $325,000.”,”type”: “number_slider”,”required”: true,”mask”: “number”,”attr”: “size=”11″ maxlength=”11″ pattern=”[0-9]*””,”min” : “0”,”max” : 325000,”step”: 500,”value” : “0”,”onChange”: “calcRefiTotalLoanAmount”},”first_time” : {“label” : “Is this your first time buying a home?”,”type”: “radio”,”required”: true,”class” : “field-stacked”,”options” :[[ “yes” , “Yes” ],[ “no”, “No” ]]},”sell_before_purchase” : {“label” : “Do you plan to sell your current home when purchasing a new one?”,”type”: “radio”,”required”: true,”class” : “field-stacked”,”options” :[[ “yes” , “Yes” ],[ “no”, “No” ]]},”renting_end_date_label” : {“type”: “html”,”content” : “

When does your lease end?

“},”renting_end_date_month” : {“label” : “Month:”,”type”: “select”,”required”: true,”placeholder” : “Month”,”invalidMsg”: “Please select a month.”,”options” :[[ “01” , “01 – January” ],[ “02” , “02 – February” ],[ “03” , “03 – March” ],[ “04” , “04 – April” ],[ “05” , “05 – May” ],[ “06” , “06 – June” ],[ “07” , “07 – July” ],[ “08” , “08 – August” ],[ “09” , “09 – September” ],[ “10” , “10 – October” ],[ “11” , “11 – November” ],[ “12” , “12 – December” ],[ “99” , “Other / No End Date” ]]},”renting_end_date_year” : {“label” : “Year:”,”type”: “select”,”required”: true,”placeholder” : “Year”,”invalidMsg”: “Please select a valid date in the future.”,”options” :[[ “2023” , “2023” ],[ “2024” , “2024” ],[ “2025” , “2025” ],[ “2026” , “2026” ],[ “2027” , “2027” ],[ “2028” , “2028+” ],[ “9999” , “Other / No End Date” ]]},”current_rent_amount” : {“label”: “What is your current monthly rent payment?”,”type” : “currency”,”placeholder” : “”,”required” : true,”attr”: “size=”9″ maxlength=”9″ pattern=”[0-9]*””,”invalidMsg”: “Please enter a valid dollar amount.”,},”desired_payment” : {“label” : “What is your desired monthly payment?”,”description” : “Enter a monthly payment, including taxes and insurance, that feels comfortable in your budget. An estimate is fine.”,”type”: “currency”,”required”: true,”placeholder” : “”,”invalidMsg”: “Please enter a valid dollar amount.”,”attr”: “size=”9″ maxlength=”9″ pattern=”[0-9]*””,},”twilio_phone” : {“label” : “What is your phone number?”,”type”: “tel”,”required”: true,”placeholder” : “(    )     -“,”invalidMsg”: “Please enter a valid phone number.”,”doNotTrack”: true,},”phone_resend_label” : {“type”: “html”,”content” : “Didn’t get a code?”},”phone_resend_text” : {“label” : “”,”type”: “radio”,”class” : “inline-link”,”required”: false,”options” : [[ “text” , “Resend code” ],],”onChange”: “resendCodeText”,},”phone_resend_call” : {“label” : “”,”type”: “radio”,”class” : “inline-link”,”required”: false,”options” : [[ “call” , “Call me with a code” ],],”onChange”: “resendCodeCall”,},”phone_verify_code” : {“label” : “Verification Code”,”description” : “Please enter the 4-digit code that was sent to you.”,”type”: “text”,”attr”: “inputmode=”numeric” autocomplete=”one-time-code” maxlength=”4″ pattern=”[0-9]*””,”required”: true,”placeholder” : ‘0000’,”invalidMsg”: “Please enter the code sent.”,},”previous_customer” : {“label” : “Have you closed a loan with Veterans United before?”,”type”: “radio”,”required”: true,”class” : “field-stacked”,”options” :[[ “yes” , “Yes” ],[ “no” , “No” ],]},”vu_referrer” : {“label” : “How did you hear about Veterans United?”,”type”: “radio”,”required”: true,”options” :[[ “friend or family” , “Friend or Family Member” ],[ “real estate agent” , “Real Estate Agent” ],[ “builder” , “My Builder” ],[ “internet search” , “Internet Search” ],[ “online ad” , “Online Advertisement” ],[ “tv or radio” , “TV or Radio Ad” ],[ “direct mail” , “Direct Mail” ],[ “other” , “Other” ]]},”disability_rating” : {“label”: “Do you have a disability rating of 10% or higher from the VA?”,”description” : “Your disability rating may exempt you from the VA Funding Fee, a governmental fee applied to every VA purchase and refinance loan. This fee goes directly to the Department of Veterans Affairs.“,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”class” : “field-stacked”,”options” : [[ “yes” , “Yes” ],[ “no” , “No” ],[ “unknown” , “I’d rather not say” ]]},”disability_income” : {“label”: “Are you currently receiving VA Disability Income?”,”description” : “Your receipt of VA disability income may help us determine other benefits of your VA loan.”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”class” : “field-stacked”,”options” : [[ “yes” , “Yes” ],[ “no” , “No” ],[ “unknown” , “I’d rather not say” ]]},”current_loan_type” : {“label” : “What type of loan is your current mortgage?”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”options” : [[“Conventional” , “Conventional”],[“VA” , “VA”],[“FHA” , “FHA”],[“USDA” , “USDA”],[“none” , “No current mortgage”],[“unknown” , “I don’t know”]]},”previous_va_loan” : {“label” : “Have you ever used a VA Loan before?”,”type” : “radio”,”required” : true,”class” : “field-stacked”,”options” : [[“yes” , “Yes”],[“no” , “No”]]},”paddio” : {“label” : “u0020u0020u0020u0020u003Cdivu0020idu003Du0022paddiou0022u0020classu003Du0022handoffu002Dmsgu0022u003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u003Cdivu0020classu003Du0022logou0022u003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u003Cimgu0020srcu003Du0022httpsu003A//www.veteransunited.com/assets/v4/images/logos/Paddio.pngu0022u0020altu003Du0022Paddiou0022/u003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u003C/divu003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u003Cspanu003EntttWeu0020createdu0020Paddiou0020tou0020betteru0020serveu0020civilianu0020homebuyers.nttu003C/spanu003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u003Cspanu0020classu003Du0022fmctyu002Dfieldu002Ddescriptionu0022u003EntttVeteransu0020Unitedu0020isu0020dedicatedu0020tou0020servingu0020Veteransu0020andu0020militaryu0020families.u0020Weu0020tooku0020ouru0020friendly,u0020topu002Dratedu0020homebuyingu0020experienceu0020andu0020builtu0020Paddiou0020u2014u0020sou0020weu0020couldu0020serveu0020homebuyersu0020likeu0020yourself.nttu003C/spanu003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u003C/divu003En”,”type” 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“u0020u0020u0020u0020u003Cdivu0020idu003Du0022neighborsu0022u0020classu003Du0022handoffu002Dmsgu0022u003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u003Cdivu0020classu003Du0022logou0022u003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u003Cimgu0020srcu003Du0022httpsu003A//www.veteransunited.com/assets/v4/images/logos/neighborsBank.jpgu0022u0020altu003Du0022Neighborsu0020Banku0022/u003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u003C/divu003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u003Cspanu003EntttWeu2019veu0020partneredu0020withu0020Neighborsu0020Banku0020tou0020betteru0020serveu0020civilianu0020homebuyers.nttu003C/spanu003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u0020u003Cspanu0020classu003Du0022fmctyu002Dfieldu002Ddescriptionu0022u003EntttVeteransu0020Unitedu0020isu0020dedicatedu0020tou0020servingu0020Veteransu0020andu0020militaryu0020families.u0020Neighborsu0020Banku0020isu0020au0020proudu0020memberu0020ofu0020theu0020Veteransu0020Unitedu0020familyu0020ofu0020companiesu0020andu0020providesu0020personalizedu0020financingu0020solutionsu0020andu0020topu002Dratedu0020customeru0020serviceu0020foru0020homebuyersu0020likeu0020yourself.nttu003C/spanu003Enu0020u0020u0020u0020u003C/divu003En”,”type” : “radio”,”value” : 1,”required” : true,”options” : [[“1”, “Continue”]],},},”order”: [{“title” : “loan-type”,”inputs” :[“src”,”curi”,”wuri”,”adg”,”cmp”,”desc”,”gclid”,”dclid”,”dnt_flag”,”fbclid”,”msclkid”,”utm_source”,”utm_medium”,”utm_campaign”,”utm_term”,”utm_content”,”val_exp”,”val_cmp”,”val_lead”,”fbp”,”host_name”,”form_id”,”frn”,”ap_token”,”opq_guid”,”opq_worthy”,”opq_version”,”opq_treatment”,”lead_partner_lead_id”,”adid”,”plc”,”ss_test_variation”,”ss_opq_test_variation”,”json”,”google_client_id”,”start_time”,”refi_ltv”,”refi_total_loan_amount”,”vu_agreestovuprivacypolicy”,”vu_agreestovutermsandconditions”,”vu_consentstovutcpa”,”vu_agreestovuautodial”,”vu_agreestovutexting”,”vu_agreestovusharingwithaffiliates”,”vu_agreestotransactioncommunications”,”vu_agreestolendingpartners”,”vu_agreestohbcpartneroffers”,”matchtype”,”mbsy_source”,”campaignid”,”mbsy”,”vu_agreestoedelivery”,”mrc_agreestohomeservices”,”twilio_version”,”lead_intent”,”purpose”]},{“title” : “refi-goals”,”inputs” :[“refi_reason”]},{“title” : “military-branch”,”inputs” :[“military_branch”]},{“title” : “military-type”,”inputs” :[“military_type”]},{“title” : “active-duty”,”inputs” :[“military_status”]},{“title” : “active-overseas”,”inputs” :[“currently_overseas”]},{“title” : “pcs-orders”,”inputs” :[“pcs”]},{“title” : “property-value”,”inputs” :[“property_value”]},{“title” : “home-value”,”inputs” :[“home_value”]},{“title” : “property-state”,”inputs” :[“civilian_property_state_select”]},{“title” : “three-percent-down”,”inputs” :[“three_percent_down”]},{“title” : “down-payment”,”inputs” :[“down_payment”]},{“title” : “down-payment-notice”,”inputs” :[“down_payment_notice”,],},{“title” : “down-payment-notice-nb”,”inputs” :[“down_payment_notice_nb”,],},{“title” : “property-type”,”inputs” :[“property_type”]},{“title” : “manufactured-property”,”inputs” : [“manufactured_own”]},{“title” : “property-use”,”inputs” :[“property_use”]},{“title” : “timeframe”,”inputs” :[“when_loan”]},{“title” : “timeframe-reason”,”inputs” :[“preventing_loan”]},{“title” : “current-home”,”inputs” :[“living_situation”]},{“title” : “rent-payment”,”inputs” :[“current_rent_amount”,]},{“title” : “lease-end”,”inputs” :[“renting_end_date_label”,”renting_end_date_month”,”renting_end_date_year”],”autoAdvance” : false},{“title” : “first-time”,”inputs” :[“first_time”]},{“title” : “sell-home”,”inputs” :[“sell_before_purchase”]},{“title” : “mortgage-balance”,”inputs” :[“balance”]},{“title” : “interest-rate”,”inputs” :[“current_rate”]},{“title” : “refi-continue”,”inputs” :[“refi_ltv_message”],”nextText” : “Yes, continue”},{“title” : “cash-out-amount”,”inputs”:[“cash_out_amount”],”after” : “

Maximum cashout amount based on the home value and mortgage balance information you supplied. Not guaranteed until locked in by your Loan Officer.

“},{“title” : “current-va-loan”,”inputs” :[“currentva”]},{“title” : “credit-rating”,”inputs” :[“credit_rating”]},{“title” : “employment”,”inputs” :[“occupational_status”]},{“title” : “marital_status”,”inputs” :[“marital_status”]},{“title” : “income”,”inputs” :[“gross_income”]},{“title” : “current-loan”,”inputs” :[“current_loan_type”]},{“title” : “previous-va”,”inputs” :[“previous_va_loan”]},{“title” : “disability-income”,”inputs” :[“disability_income”]},{“title” : “disability-rating”,”inputs” :[“disability_rating”]},{“title” : “bankruptcy”,”inputs” :[“bankruptcy”]},{“title” : “previously_closed_borrower”,”inputs” :[“previous_customer”]},{“title” : “referrer”,”inputs” :[“vu_referrer”]},{“title” : “property-location”,”inputs” :[“property_search”,”property_zip”,”property_state”,”property_city”]},{“title” : “continue-online”,”inputs” :[“ny_opq_message”]},{“title” : “property-state”,”inputs” :[“property_state_select”]},{“title” : “texas-cashout”,”inputs” :[“tx_cashout_message”]},{“title” : “paddio”,”inputs” :[“paddio”,],”after” : “Paddio has been determined to be a better option for your unique homebuying situation. If you think this is a mistake and you do have military experience, please contact Veterans United Home Loans directly at 1-800-884-5560.”},{“title” : “neighbors-bank”,”inputs” :[“neighbors”,],”after” : “Neighbors Bank has been determined to be a better option for your unique homebuying situation. If you think this is a mistake and you do have military experience, please contact Veterans United Home Loans directly at 1-800-884-5560.”},{“title” : “email”,”inputs” :[“email”,”secure_label”,”next”,”vu_agreestoemails”,]},{“title” : “name”,”inputs” :[“name_label”,”first_name”,”last_name”,”secure_label”]},{“title” : “current-address”,”inputs” :[“address_label”,”address”,”zip”,”secure_label”]},{“title” : “time-at-current-address”,”inputs” :[“time_at_current_address”]},{“title” : “phone”,”inputs” :[“phone_full”,”secure_label”,”submit”,”vuhlagree”,]},{“title” : “phone-verify”,”inputs” :[“twilio_phone”,”secure_label”,”next”,”vuhlagree”,],},{“title” : “phone-verify-code”,”inputs” :[“phone_verify_code”,”phone_resend_label”,”phone_resend_text”,”phone_resend_call”,],autoAdvance : false,},],”logic” : {“conditions” : {“is_purchase” : {“target” : “purpose”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “P”},”is_refinance” : {“target” : “purpose”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “R”},”is_civilian” : {“target” : “military_branch”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “Civilian”},”is_spouse” : {“target” : “military_branch”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “Spouse”},”is_other_va_eligible” : {“target” : “military_branch”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “Other”},”is_active_duty” : {“target” : “military_status”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “active”},”property_state_is_MA” : {“target” : “property_state”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “MA”},”property_state_is_TN” : {“target” : “property_state”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “TN”},”property_state_is_TX” : {“target” : “property_state”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “TX”},”property_state_is_NY” : {“target” : “property_state”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “NY”},”property_area_is_Clarksville” : {“target” : “property_zip”,”operator” : “inArray”,”value” : [“37010”, “37015”, “37040”, “37042”, “37043”, “37050”, “37146”, “37172”, “37191”, “42223”, “42240”, “42262”]},”zip_is_Clarksville” : {“target” : “zip”,”operator” : “inArray”,”value” : [“37010”, “37015”, “37040”, “37042”, “37043”, “37050”, “37146”, “37172”, “37191”, “42223”, “42240”, “42262”]},”property_state_lookup_failed” : {“target” : “property_state”,”operator” : “=”,”value”: “fail”},”property_value_less_than_100k” : {“target” : “property_value”,”operator” : “”,”value” : “85”},”refi_ltv_greater_than_95″ : {“target” : “refi_ltv”,”operator” : “>”,”value” : “95”},”refi_amount_greater_than_15000″ : {“target” : “refi_total_loan_amount”,”operator” : “>”,”value” : “15000”},”has_bankruptcy” : {“target”: “bankruptcy”,”operator”: “!=”,”value” : “Never”},”is_current_homeowner” : {“target”: “living_situation”,”operator”: “=”,”value” : “own”},”is_first_time_homebuyer” : {“target”: “first_time”,”operator”: “=”,”value” : “yes”},”current_loan_type_is_va” : {“target”: “current_loan_type”,”operator”: “=”,”value” : “VA”},”currentva_is_true” : {“target”: “currentva”,”operator”: “=”,”value” : “yes”},”had_previous_va_loan” : {“target”: “previous_va_loan”,”operator”: “=”,”value” : “yes”},”is_renting” : {“target”: “living_situation”,”operator”: “=”,”value” : “rent”},”is_manufactured_home” : {“target” : “property_type”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “manufactured”},”over_6_months” : {“target” : “when_loan”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “over 6 months”},”has_disability_income” : {“target”: “disability_income”,”operator”: “=”,”value” : “yes”},”has_agent” : {“target”: “has_real_estate_agent”,”operator”: “=”,”value” : “yes”},”random_under_80″ : {“target” : “frn”,”operator” : “”,”value”: “150000”},”credit_rating_good_or_excellent” : {“target” : “credit_rating”,”operator” : “inArray”,”value”: [“Good”,”Excellent”]},”prop_state_is_neighbors” : {“target” : “civilian_property_state_select”,”operator”: “inArray”,”value”: [“NV”, “NY”, “NJ”, “UT”]},”prop_state_is_MA” : {“target” : “property_state”,”operator”: “=”,”value”: “MA”},”civilian_prop_state_is_MA” : {“target” : “civilian_property_state_select”,”operator”: “=”,”value”: “MA”},”three_percent_down” : {“target” : “three_percent_down”,”operator”: “=”,”value”: “yes”},”twilio_on_for_all” : {“target” : “twilio_version”,”operator” : “=”,”value” : “1”},”queue_override_set”: {“target”: “queue_override”,”operator”: “!=”,”value”: “”},”down_payment_is_zero” : {“target” : “down_payment”,”operator”: “=”,”value”: “0”},},”rules” : {“toggle_three_percent_down” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_civilian”,”target” : “three_percent_down”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”,},”toggle_down_payment_notice” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_civilian && ( ! three_percent_down || down_payment_is_zero ) && ! prop_state_is_neighbors && ! civilian_prop_state_is_MA”,”target” : “down_payment_notice”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”,},”toggle_down_payment_notice_html” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_civilian && ( ! three_percent_down || down_payment_is_zero ) && ! prop_state_is_neighbors && ! civilian_prop_state_is_MA”,”target” : “down_payment_notice_html”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”,}, “toggle_down_payment_notice_nb” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_civilian && ( ! three_percent_down || down_payment_is_zero ) && prop_state_is_neighbors && ! civilian_prop_state_is_MA”,”target” : “down_payment_notice_nb”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”,},”toggle_down_payment_notice_html_nb” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_civilian && ( ! three_percent_down || down_payment_is_zero ) && ! prop_state_is_neighbors && ! civilian_prop_state_is_MA”,”target” : “down_payment_notice_html_nb”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”,},”toggle_civilian_property_state” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_civilian”,”target” : “civilian_property_state_select”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”,},”toggle_down_payment” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_civilian && three_percent_down”,”target” : “down_payment”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_neighbors_bank” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_civilian && ! is_manufactured_home && prop_state_is_neighbors && ! prop_state_is_MA && ! queue_override_set”,”target” : “neighbors”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_paddio” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_civilian && ! is_manufactured_home && ! prop_state_is_neighbors && ! prop_state_is_MA && ! queue_override_set”,”target” : “paddio”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_phone” : {“condition” : “( is_civilian || twilio_on_for_all )”,”target” : “phone_full”,”action” : “hide”,”else” : “show”},”toggle_twilio_verification” : {“condition” : “( is_civilian || twilio_on_for_all )”,”target” : “twilio_phone”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_twilio_verification_resend_label” : {“condition” : “( is_civilian || twilio_on_for_all )”,”target” : “phone_resend_label”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_twilio_verification_resend_text” : {“condition” : “( is_civilian || twilio_on_for_all )”,”target” : “phone_resend_text”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_twilio_verification_resend_call” : {“condition” : “( is_civilian || twilio_on_for_all )”,”target” : “phone_resend_call”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_twilio_verification_code” : {“condition” : “( is_civilian || twilio_on_for_all )”,”target” : “phone_verify_code”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_property_search_label”: {“condition”: “is_refinance”,”target”: “property_search”,”action”: {“label” : “Where is your home located?”},”else”: {“label” : “Where will your new home be located?”}},”toggle_property_state_select”: {“condition”: “property_state_lookup_failed”,”target”: “property_state_select”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},”toggle_property_state_select_label”: {“condition”: “is_refinance”,”target”: “property_state_select”,”action”: {“label” : “In what state is your home located?”},”else”: {“label” : “In what state will your new home be located?”}},”toggle_vu_referrer” : {“condition” : “is_previous_customer”,”target” : “vu_referrer”,”action”: “hide”,”else” : “show”},”toggle_desired_payment” : {“condition” : “is_purchase”,”target” : “desired_payment”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_property_value”: {“condition”: “is_purchase”,”target”: “property_value”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},”toggle_home_value”: {“condition”: “is_refinance”,”target”: “home_value”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},”toggle_current_rate”: {“condition”: “is_refinance”,”target”: “current_rate”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},”toggle_balance”: {“condition”: “is_refinance”,”target”: “balance”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},”toggle_refi_reason”: {“condition” : “is_refinance”,”target” : “refi_reason”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_tx_cashout_message”: {“condition” : “is_refinance && property_state_is_TX && ( is_refi_cashout || is_refi_consolidation )”,”target” : “tx_cashout_message”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_refi_ltv_message” : {“condition” : “is_refinance && ( is_refi_cashout || is_refi_consolidation ) && refi_ltv_greater_than_85″,”target” : “refi_ltv_message”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_cash_out_amount”: {“condition” : “is_refinance && ! is_civilian && ! property_state_is_TX && ( is_refi_cashout || is_refi_consolidation ) && ! refi_ltv_greater_than_85″,”target” : “cash_out_amount”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”set_cash_out_amount_max”: {“condition” : “! refi_ltv_greater_than_85″,”target” : “cash_out_amount”,”action”: {“max” : “#var{cashOutMax}”}},”toggle_currentva” : {“condition” : “is_refinance && home_value_less_than_balance”,”target” : “currentva”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_manufactured_own” : {“condition” : “is_manufactured_home”,”target” : “manufactured_own”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_property_type_label” : {“condition” : “is_purchase”,”target” : “property_type”,”action” : {“label” : “What type of property are you buying?”},”else” : {“label” : “What type of property is your home?”},},”toggle_property_use_label” : {“condition” : “is_purchase”,”target” : “property_use”,”action” : {“label” : “How will you use your new home?”},”else” : {“label” : “How are you using this home?”},},”toggle_credit_score” : {“condition” : “property_state_is_MA”,”target” : “credit_rating”,”action” : “hide”,”else” : “show”},”toggle_occupational_status” : {“condition” : “! is_active_duty”,”target” : “occupational_status”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_occupational_industry” : {“condition” : “is_employed && ! is_active_duty”,”target” : “occupational_industry”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_when_loan” : {“condition” : “is_purchase”,”target” : “when_loan”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_preventing_loan” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && over_6_months”,”target” : “preventing_loan”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_first_time” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && ! is_current_homeowner”,”target” : “first_time”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_current_loan_type” : {“condition” : “( is_refinance || is_current_homeowner ) && ! currentva_is_true”,”target” : “current_loan_type”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_current_loan_type_none” : {“condition” : “is_refinance”,”target” : “current_loan_type”,”action”: {“disabledOptions” : [“none”]},”else”: {“disabledOptions” : []}},”toggle_previous_va_loan” : {“condition” : “! is_civilian && ! is_first_time_homebuyer && ! current_loan_type_is_va && ! currentva_is_true”,”target” : “previous_va_loan”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_previous_va_customer” : {“condition” : “is_civilian || is_first_time_homebuyer || ! had_previous_va_loan”,”target” : “previous_customer”,”action” : “hide”,”else” : “show”},”toggle_sell_before_purchase” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_current_homeowner”,”target” : “sell_before_purchase”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_current_rent_amount” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_renting”,”target” : “current_rent_amount”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_renting_end_date_month” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_renting”,”target” : “renting_end_date_month”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_renting_end_date_year” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_renting”,”target” : “renting_end_date_year”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_disability_income”: {“condition”: “! is_civilian”,”target”: “disability_income”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},”toggle_disability_rating”: {“condition”: “! is_civilian && has_disability_income”,”target”: “disability_rating”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},”toggle_military_status” : {“condition” : “! is_civilian && ! is_spouse && ! is_other_va_eligible”,”target” : “military_status”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},”toggle_currently_overseas” : {“condition” : “is_active_duty && ! is_civilian && ! is_spouse && ! is_other_va_eligible”,”target” : “currently_overseas”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},”toggle_pcs” : {“condition” : “is_purchase && is_active_duty && ! is_civilian && ! is_spouse && ! is_other_va_eligible”,”target” : “pcs”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},”toggle_military_type” : {“condition” : “! is_civilian && ! is_spouse && ! is_other_va_eligible”,”target” : “military_type”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},”toggle_property_type_construction” : {“condition” : “is_refinance”,”target” : “property_type”,”action”: {“disabledOptions” : [“new construction”]},”else”: {“disabledOptions” : [“other”]}},”toggle_living_situation” : {“condition” : “is_purchase”,”target” : “living_situation”,”action” : “show”,”else” : “hide”},”toggle_opq_version” : {“condition” : “random_under_80″,”target” : “opq_version”,”action” : {“value” : “manual”},”else” : {“value” : “auto”},},”toggle_opq_worthy” : {“condition” : “! property_in_territory && ! ( is_refinance && ( has_bankruptcy || is_manufactured_home || ! refi_amount_greater_than_15000 || ( property_state_is_TX && ( is_refi_cashout || is_refi_consolidation ) ) ) )”,”target” : “opq_worthy”,”action” : {“value” : “1”},”else” : {“value” : “0”}},”toggle_ny_opq_message” : {“condition” : “property_state_is_NY”,”target”: “ny_opq_message”,”action”: “show”,”else”: “hide”},},”validation” : {“zip” : {“operator” : “regex”,”value” : “^\d{5}$”},”phone_full” : {“operator” : “regex”,”value” : “^[23456789]\d{9}$”},”renting_end_date_year” : {“operator” : “fn”,”value” : “validateRentingEndDate”},”twilio_phone” : {“operator” : “ajax”,”value” : “validatePhone”},”phone_verify_code” : {“operator” : “ajax”,”value” : “validateCode”},}},”nextText” : “Continue”,”submitText” : “Saveu0020u0026ampu003Bu0020Continue”,”submitUrl” : “https://www.veteransunited.com/backend.php”,”submitFn” : “submitFn”,”autoFocus” : true,};window.mrcFormConfig.order[0].after = $(‘.proof-v2’);$(document).ready(function(){var mrcForm = $(‘#v4_lp’);Fmcty.fn.launchWindow = function(url,opts) {var width = 600,height = 400;if (opts && opts.width) {width = opts.width;}if (opts && opts.height) {height = opts.height;}var left = (screen.width / 2) – (width / 2),top = (screen.height / 2) – (height / 2);if (opts && opts.top) {top = opts.top;}if (opts && opts.left) {left = opts.left;}var fmctyNewWindow = window.open(url, “, ‘menubar=no,toolbar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,height=’ + height + ‘,width=’ + width + ‘,top=’ + top + ‘,left=’ + left);if (window.focus) {fmctyNewWindow.focus()}return false;};mrcForm.on(‘fmcty:ready’,function(data){$(this).addClass(‘fmcty-ready’);});Fmcty.fn.calculateDownPayment = function(data){var values=data.values;$(‘input[name=”down_payment”] + label’).each(function () {var label = $(this),input = $(‘#’ + label.attr(‘for’)),percent = input.val();if (percent > 0 && percent =400001) {var range1 = Math.round(400000 * percent / 100);range1 = range1.toString().replace(/B(?=(d{3})+(?!d))/g, “,”);var range = ” ($” + range1 + ” + )”;} else if(values.property_value != 150001) {var range1 = Math.round(parseInt(values.property_value) * percent / 100);var range2 = Math.round((parseInt(values.property_value) + 50000) * percent / 100);range1 = range1.toString().replace(/B(?=(d{3})+(?!d))/g, “,”);range2 = range2.toString().replace(/B(?=(d{3})+(?!d))/g, “,”);var range = ” ($” + range1 + ” – $” + range2 + “)”;} else {var range = “;};percent = percent + “%”;label.html(percent + ” ” + range + “”);} else {label.text(percent + “%”);}}});};Fmcty.fn.validateCode = function(data){var form_id = data.form_id,codeValue = data.value,phoneValue= Fmcty[form_id].verifiedPhone,carrierType = Fmcty[form_id].verifiedCarrierType;if(carrierType == “mobile”) {var ajaxUrl = “/ajax/twilio_check_verify.php?verify_method=sms&code=” + codeValue + “&phone=” + phoneValue;} else if(carrierType == “landline”) {var ajaxUrl = “/ajax/twilio_check_verify.php?verify_method=call&code=” + codeValue + “&phone=” + phoneValue;}$.ajax({url: ajaxUrl,dataType: ‘json’,success: function(res){if (res.success) {data.input.valid();Fmcty[form_id].submit(false);} else {data.input.validationText = “Incorrect Verification Code”;data.input.invalid();}},error: function (res){}});setTimeout(function() {data.input.valid();data.input.closest(‘.fmcty-section’).removeClass(‘fmcty-section-waiting’);},1);};Fmcty.fn.sendVerification = function(data){var form_id = data.form_id,carrierType = Fmcty[form_id].verifiedCarrierType,phoneValue = Fmcty[form_id].verifiedPhone,currentSlide = $(‘#’+form_id+’ .fmcty-section-active’).data(‘fmcty-section’);if(Fmcty[form_id].hasOwnProperty(‘verifiedPhone’) && currentSlide != “phone-verify”) {var resendType = data.value;if (carrierType === ‘mobile’ && resendType === ‘text’){var ajaxUrl = “/ajax/twilio_verify_send_code.php?verify_method=sms&phone=” + phoneValue;} else if (carrierType === ‘landline’ || resendType === ‘call’){var ajaxUrl = “/ajax/twilio_verify_send_code.php?verify_method=call&phone=” + phoneValue;};$.ajax({url: ajaxUrl,dataType: ‘json’,success: function(res){},error: function(res){data.input.invalid();},});} else {if (carrierType === ‘mobile’){var ajaxUrl = “/ajax/twilio_verify_send_code.php?verify_method=sms&phone=” + phoneValue;} else if (carrierType === ‘landline’){var ajaxUrl = “/ajax/twilio_verify_send_code.php?verify_method=call&phone=” + phoneValue;};$.ajax({url: ajaxUrl,dataType: ‘json’,success: function(res){data.input.valid();Fmcty[form_id].next(false);},error: function(res){data.input.invalid();},});};};Fmcty.fn.validatePhone = function(data) {var rx = new RegExp(‘^\d{10}$’),form_id = data.form_id,phoneValue = data.value;if (Fmcty[form_id].hasOwnProperty(‘verifiedPhone’) && Fmcty[form_id].verifiedPhone == phoneValue){setTimeout(function(){$(‘#’+form_id+’ .fmcty-section[data-fmcty-section=”phone-verify-code”]’).removeClass(‘fmcty-section-waiting’);},1);Fmcty[form_id].next(false);} else {if(rx.test(phoneValue) && ! 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When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

‘).insertAfter(prop_search.parent().parent());}var autocomplete_results = autocomplete.find(‘.fmcty-autocomplete-results’);if (value.length ‘+autocomplete_item+’‘);}}location = result.data[0];section.find(‘#prop_search_aria_update’).text(result.data.length + ‘ location results’);section.removeClass(‘fmcty-section-waiting mrc-section-waiting’).addClass(‘mrc-zip-complete’);prop_search.closest(‘.fmcty-field’).addClass(‘fmcty-field-focused’);prop_search.attr(‘aria-expanded’, ‘true’);section.find(‘.fmcty-field-validation’).remove();location_display = “”;if (location.PLACENAME) {location_display += location.PLACENAME+”, “;prop_city.val(location.PLACENAME).trigger(‘change’);} else {prop_city.val(“).trigger(‘change’);}if (location.STATEABBV) {location_display += location.STATEABBV;prop_state.val(location.STATEABBV).trigger(‘change’);} else {prop_state.val(“).trigger(‘change’);}if (location.ZIPCODE) {prop_zip.val(location.ZIPCODE).trigger(‘change’);} else {prop_zip.val(“).trigger(‘change’);}if (location.type === “zip”) {location_display = location.ZIPCODE+”, ” + location_display;}var location_display_partial = location_display.slice(0, value.length),value_regex = new RegExp(value.replace(/[.-dws]+/g, ‘$&’), ‘i’),location_regex = new RegExp(location_display_partial.replace(/[.-dws]+/g, ‘$&’), ‘i’),location_result = location_regex.test(value_regex);if (location_result) {location_display = value + location_display.slice(value.length);} else {location_display = “”;}result_display.val(location_display);} else {section.removeClass(‘fmcty-section-waiting mrc-section-waiting’).removeClass(‘mrc-zip-complete’);prop_search.attr(‘aria-expanded’, ‘false’);section.find(‘#prop_search_aria_update’).text(“);prop_zip.val(“).trigger(‘change’);prop_city.val(“).trigger(‘change’);prop_state.val(“).trigger(‘change’);result_display.val(“);section.find(‘.fmcty-ajax-result-description’).remove();}},function(result) {if (result.statusText && result.statusText === “error”) {section.removeClass(‘fmcty-section-waiting mrc-section-waiting’).removeClass(‘mrc-zip-complete’);prop_search.attr(‘aria-expanded’, ‘false’);prop_state.val(‘fail’).trigger(‘change’);section.find(‘.fmcty-ajax-result-description’).remove();} else {prop_zip.val(“).trigger(‘change’);prop_city.val(“).trigger(‘change’);prop_state.val(“).trigger(‘change’);result_display.val(“);}});};Fmcty.fn.setPropertyState = function(Fmcty,input,value,values,event) {var form;if (window.Fmcty.version && parseFloat(window.Fmcty.version) >= 2) { /* Fmcty 2.0 conversion */form= Fmcty.form;value = Fmcty.value;} else {form = input.closest(‘.fmcty-form’);}form.find(‘input[name=”property_state”]’).val(value).trigger(‘change’);form.find(‘input[name=”property_city”]’).val(“).trigger(‘change’);};if (Fmcty.values) {var prop_search_val = “”;if (Fmcty.values.property_zip) {prop_search_val = Fmcty.values.property_zip;if (Fmcty.values.property_city) {prop_search_val += “, “;}}if (Fmcty.values.property_city) {prop_search_val += Fmcty.values.property_city;if (Fmcty.values.property_state) {prop_search_val += “, ” + Fmcty.values.property_state;}}Fmcty.values.property_search = prop_search_val;}Fmcty.fn.calcRefiLtv = function(data){Fmcty.fn.calcRefiTotalLoanAmount(data);if (!data.values.home_value || !data.values.balance || data.values.home_value == 0) {return;}var homeVal = parseInt(data.values.home_value),balance = parseInt(data.values.balance),ltv = Math.round(balance / homeVal * 100),cashOutMax = Math.round((homeVal * .9 ) – balance);if (cashOutMax > 325000){cashOutMax = 325000;} else if (cashOutMax cashOutMax) {data.form.find(‘[name=”cash_out_amount”]’).val(cashOutMax).trigger(‘change’);}data.form.find(‘[name=”refi_ltv”]’).val(ltv).trigger(‘change’);data.form.find(‘.fmcty_max_cash_out’).text(String(cashOutMax).replace(/(.)(?=(d{3})+$)/g,’$1,’));};Fmcty.fn.calcRefiTotalLoanAmount = function(data){var balance = parseInt(data.values.balance) || 0,cashout = parseInt(data.values.cash_out_amount) || 0;data.form.find(‘[name=”refi_total_loan_amount”]’).val(balance + cashout).trigger(‘change’);};Fmcty.fn.txCashout = function(data){data.form.find(‘input[name=”refi_reason”]’).prop(‘checked’,false).trigger(‘change’).filter(‘[value=”rate”]’).prop(‘checked’,true).trigger(‘change’);};Fmcty.fn.submitFn = function(data){var response = data;if (data.response) {response = data.response; /* Fmcty 2.0 conversion */}if (data.values) {Fmcty.fn.recordLeadFeed(data.values);}if (response && response.return_url) {window.location = response.return_url;}};Fmcty.fn.recordLeadFeed = function(values){if (values && values.first_name && values.property_city){var badNames = [“test”,”fuck”,”fucker”,”shit”,”bitch”,”nigger”,”no”,”none”];if(jQuery.inArray(values.first_name.toLowerCase(), badNames) === -1) {$.ajax({type: “POST”,url: “https://webhook.proofapi.com/cw/s8PWk6DsvxQ1kIlMHomPRJK4BRE2/-M78Glw6aeb1hgoWfTvm”,dataType: “json”,data: {“type” : “custom”,”first_name” : values.first_name,”email” : values.first_name+values.zip+Math.floor((Math.random() * 1000) + 1)+”@example.com”,”city”: values.property_city,”state”: values.property_state,”country”: “United States”,},success: function(response) {},error: function(response) {},});}}};Fmcty.fn.utf8_to_b64 = function( str ) {return window.btoa(unescape(encodeURIComponent( str )));};Fmcty.fn.createRngCookie = function(data){var cookieName = “rngFormData”;var lifetime =30;var value = Fmcty.fn.utf8_to_b64(JSON.stringify(data));Fmcty.fn.createCookie(cookieName,value,lifetime);};Fmcty.fn.saveRngFormValues = function(data){var values = data.values;var cookie = Fmcty.fn.checkRngCookie(‘rngFormData’);var rngData = {};rngData.cookieTimeStamp = new Date();rngData.currentField = $(data.section).attr(‘data-fmcty-section’);var session = Fmcty.fn.newSession(values);rngData.progress = [];if (typeof cookie !== ‘undefined’) {rngData.refreshCount = cookie.refreshCount;if(typeof cookie.progress !== ‘undefined’) {rngData.progress = cookie.progress;}} else {rngData.refreshCount = 0;}if(window.sessionStorage.isNewSession != ‘false’ || typeof window.sessionStorage.inNewSession === ‘undefined’) { rngData.progress.push(JSON.parse(session));}$.each(values,function(key,value){if ($.inArray(key,Fmcty.rngFields) !== -1){rngData[key] = value;}});Fmcty.fn.createRngCookie(rngData);};Fmcty.fn.deleteRngValues = function() {var cookieName = “rngFormData”;Fmcty.fn.createCookie(cookieName,””,-1);};Fmcty.fn.createCookie = function(name,value,days) {if (days) {var date = new Date();date.setTime(date.getTime()+(days*24*60*60*1000));var expires = “; 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( parseInt(values.property_value) ‘).prependTo(‘#v4_lp’);progWrapper = progBar.wrap(“).parent();progText = $(“).appendTo(progWrapper);});form_var.on(‘fmcty:progress_updated’,function(e,data){var progress = data;if (data.progress) {progress = data.progress; /* Fmcty 2.0 conversion */}if (progBar && progBar.length){var progressPct = (progress.currentStep)/progress.activeSteps*100;if (isNaN(progressPct) || progressPct 100) {progressPct = 100;}progBar.css(‘transform’, ‘translateX(-‘ + (100-progressPct) + ‘%)’);if (progress.currentStep > 1) {progWrapper.addClass(‘fmcty-progress-bar-active’);} else {progWrapper.removeClass(‘fmcty-progress-bar-active’);}}});form_var.on(‘fmcty:section_complete’, function(e, data){if (data.section.attr(‘data-fmcty-section’) == ’email’){if(Fmcty.v4_lp) {var values = Fmcty.v4_lp.values;$.post(“/v3/marketo_partial.php”, values);}}});var plc = form_var.data(‘fmctyPlc’);if (plc && window.mrcFormConfig && window.mrcFormConfig.inputs && window.mrcFormConfig.inputs.plc) {window.mrcFormConfig.inputs.plc.value = plc;}form_var.on(‘fmcty:ready’,function(e,data) {var autocomplete_click = false;function autoAdvanceSection (section) {var hasAutoAdvance = !(section.data(‘fmcty-auto-advance’) === false);if (hasAutoAdvance) {Fmcty[‘v4_lp’].next();}}form_var.on(‘click’,’.fmcty-autocomplete-result’,function(e) {e.preventDefault();var link= $(this),section = link.closest(‘.fmcty-section’),hint= section.find(‘.fmcty-autocomplete-placeholder’),prop_search = section.find(‘input[name=”property_search”]’),prop_zip= section.find(‘input[name=”property_zip”]’),prop_state= section.find(‘input[name=”property_state”]’),prop_city = section.find(‘input[name=”property_city”]’);prop_zip.val(link.data(‘zip’)).trigger(‘change’);prop_city.val(link.data(‘city’)).trigger(‘change’);prop_state.val(link.data(‘state’)).trigger(‘change’);prop_search.val(link.text());hint.val(link.text());section.find(‘#prop_search_aria_update’).text(hint.val() + ‘ selected’);section.removeClass(‘mrc-zip-complete’);prop_search.attr(‘aria-expanded’, ‘false’);if ( ” == ‘standard’ ) {prop_search.focus().closest(‘.fmcty-field’).removeClass(‘fmcty-field-focused’);} else {autoAdvanceSection(section);}}).on(‘mousedown’,’.fmcty-autocomplete-result’, function(e) {autocomplete_click = true;});form_var.find(‘[name=”property_search”]’).not(‘[type=”hidden”]’).wrap(“).on(‘focus’,function(e){var link = $(this),section = link.closest(‘.fmcty-section’);link.closest(‘.fmcty-field’).addClass(‘fmcty-field-focused’);if (section.hasClass(‘mrc-zip-complete’)) {prop_search.attr(‘aria-expanded’, ‘true’);}}).on(‘blur’,function(e){var link= $(this),section = link.closest(‘.fmcty-section’),prop_search = section.find(‘input[name=”property_search”]’);if(autocomplete_click) {autocomplete_click = false;form_var.on(‘mouseup’, function() {$(link).closest(‘.fmcty-field’).removeClass(‘fmcty-field-focused’);prop_search.attr(‘aria-expanded’, ‘false’);$(this).off(‘mouseup’);});} else {$(link).closest(‘.fmcty-field’).removeClass(‘fmcty-field-focused’);prop_search.attr(‘aria-expanded’, ‘false’);}}).on(‘keydown’,function(e){if(e.which === 13) {e.preventDefault();e.stopImmediatePropagation();}}).on(‘keyup’,function(e) {var input = $(this),section = input.closest(‘.fmcty-section’);hint= section.find(‘.fmcty-autocomplete-placeholder’),prop_field= section.find(‘.field-property_search’),prop_search = section.find(‘input[name=”property_search”]’);var results = $(‘.fmcty-autocomplete-result’);section.find(‘.fmcty-autocomplete-placeholder’).val(“);switch(e.which) {case 9:break;case 13:section.removeClass(‘mrc-zip-complete’);section.find(‘#prop_search_aria_update’).text(hint.val() + ‘ selected’);if ( ” == ‘standard’ ) {prop_search.focus().closest(‘.fmcty-field’).removeClass(‘fmcty-field-focused’);} else {autoAdvanceSection(section);}break;case 16:case 37:case 38:case 39:case 40:break;default:Fmcty.fn.locationLookup({“event”: e,”input”: input,”value”: input.val()});break;}if (results.length && prop_field.hasClass(‘fmcty-field-focused’) && section.hasClass(‘mrc-zip-complete’) ) {var selected_result = results.filter(‘.hover’);results.removeClass(‘hover’).attr(‘aria-selected’, ‘false’);prop_search.attr(‘aria-activedescendant’, “);if (e.which === 38 || e.which === 40) {var hint= section.find(‘.fmcty-autocomplete-placeholder’),prop_zip= section.find(‘input[name=”property_zip”]’),prop_state= section.find(‘input[name=”property_state”]’),prop_city = section.find(‘input[name=”property_city”]’);switch(e.which) {case 38:if (selected_result.length && selected_result.parent().prev().children(‘a’).length) {selected_result = selected_result.parent().prev().children(‘a’).addClass(‘hover’).attr(‘aria-selected’, ‘true’);prop_search.attr(‘aria-activedescendant’, selected_result.attr(‘id’));input.val(selected_result.text());hint.val(selected_result.text());prop_zip.val(selected_result.data(‘zip’)).trigger(‘change’);prop_city.val(selected_result.data(‘city’)).trigger(‘change’);prop_state.val(selected_result.data(‘state’)).trigger(‘change’);} else {prop_search.attr(‘aria-activedescendant’, “);}break;case 40:if (! selected_result.length) {selected_result = results.first().addClass(‘hover’).attr(‘aria-selected’, ‘true’);} else if (selected_result.parent().next().children(‘a’).length) {selected_result = selected_result.parent().next().children(‘a’).addClass(‘hover’).attr(‘aria-selected’, ‘true’);} else {selected_result = results.last().addClass(‘hover’).attr(‘aria-selected’, ‘true’);}prop_search.attr(‘aria-activedescendant’, selected_result.attr(‘id’));input.val(selected_result.text());hint.val(selected_result.text());prop_zip.val(selected_result.data(‘zip’)).trigger(‘change’);prop_city.val(selected_result.data(‘city’)).trigger(‘change’);prop_state.val(selected_result.data(‘state’)).trigger(‘change’);break;}}}});});form_var.on(‘fmcty:ready’, function() {function check_ap() {if (typeof window.activeProspectCert !== ‘undefined’) {$(“input[name=’ap_token’]”).val(window.activeProspectCert).trigger(‘change’);} else {if(typeof loadTrustedForm == ‘function’) {loadTrustedForm();setTimeout(check_ap,1000);}}}check_ap();});form_var.on(‘fmcty:ready’, function(e,data){Fmcty.rngFields = [];var allInputs = Fmcty[data.form_id].config.inputs;Fmcty.rngFields.push(‘cookieTimeStamp’);Fmcty.rngFields.push(‘currentField’);Fmcty.rngFields.push(‘refresh’);Fmcty.rngFields.push(‘refreshCount’);Fmcty.rngFields.push(‘sessions’);$.each(allInputs,function(key,value){if((! this.doNotTrack && this.type !== “hidden” && this.type !== “html”) || key === “src” || key === “desc” || key === “cmp” || key === “curi” || key === “first_name” || key === “last_name” || key === “email” || key === “property_zip” || key === “property_state” || key === “property_city”){Fmcty.rngFields.push(key);}});});form_var.on(‘fmcty:section_complete’, function(e,data){Fmcty.fn.saveRngFormValues(data);});form_var.on(‘fmcty:submit’, function(e,data){Fmcty.fn.deleteRngValues();});};Fmcty.fn.setBindings(mrcForm);populateAddresses = function (result) {var input = $(‘input[name=”property_search_2″]’);var section = input.closest(‘.fmcty-section’);var prop_search = section.find(‘input[name=”property_search_2″]’);var prop_rupid = section.find(‘input[name=”property_rupid”]’);var autocomplete = section.find(‘.fmcty-autocomplete’);var autocomplete_results = autocomplete.find(‘.fmcty-autocomplete-results’);var placeholder = $(‘.fmcty-autocomplete-placeholder’);if (typeof result.content !== ‘undefined’) {autocomplete_results.html(“”);placeholder.html(“”);section.find(“#prop_search_aria_update”).text(result.content.length + ” location results”);section.removeClass(“fmcty-section-waiting mrc-section-waiting”).addClass(“mrc-zip-complete”);section.find(“.fmcty-field-validation”).remove();if (result.content.length > 0) {for (var i = 0; i ‘ + autocomplete_item + ‘‘);}} else {autocomplete_results.append(‘

  • Sorry, no results found
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    Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes is also a prominent

    Patrick Mahomes might play football in Kansas City, but one of the Tyler native’s homes is in a gated community in exclusive Westlake.

    Mahomes, who’s looking to win his second Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles on Feb. 12, bought a mansion in 2020 along Post Oak Place in Westlake through a limited liability company, Tarrant County deed records show.

    According to a listing of the home from before the sale, the four-bedroom, seven-bathroom estate has a temperature-controlled wine room, a private loft, an infinity-edge tub and “breathtaking” views of the Vaquero golf course. Outside is a large covered patio, a firepit area, pool and spa.

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    The home was last listed for $4.2 million. The total purchase price was undisclosed, but deed records show the LLC took out a $2.7 million loan for the deal.

    The home is in the prestigious neighborhood surrounding the Vaquero golf course that has been home to many other high-profile owners from athletes and entertainers to business and political figures, such as conservative political broadcaster Glenn Beck, the Jonas Brothers and former Dallas Cowboys star Jason Witten.

    The seller of the estate was former San Diego Chargers offensive lineman Andrew Gissinger III. Gissinger was also an executive at mortgage company Countrywide Financial Corp., which Bank of America acquired in 2008.

    The Chiefs quarterback has also purchased several properties in Missouri, including a $1.8 million mansion and a condo in Kansas City as well as an eight-acre plot of vacant land in Belton where he built a new home, according to the New York Post.

    Mahomes played quarterback at Whitehouse High School, where he was ranked as a three-star prospect, before playing for three seasons at Texas Tech. He was drafted by the Chiefs in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft.

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